Decorative colorful cushions | Decorative Pillows

Decorative colorful cushions | Decorative Pillows

For an original and unique look, decorate your home with colorful cushions from the Ignite Ignite collection. Launched in 2013, these original cushions have been exhibited at the forefront in several exhibitions:
_At Design Indaba in Cape Town (South Africa).
_At Ambiente in Germany.
Popular, the cushions have sold very quickly all over the world. Because of their history and their particular manufacturing process, the colorful cushions from the Ignite collection quickly became a reality. 
Manufacturing of original cushions.
“Langazela” cushions from the Ignite ignite collection were created by Mrs. Betina Khumalo. The word “Langazela” means the wish to do something.
How are they made?
 Betina Khumalo hand-embroidered wool on recycled bags of corn flour created cushions of geometric and colored patterns. She learned this technique on her own as a hobby. It is his mother, who has taught him since very small techniques of crafts like beading and embroidery. Thanks to her, Ms. Khumalo has become a skilled craftsman. She develops all this knowledge and techniques by working for a craft group.
Partnership and development.
Surprised and amazed by her talent, the South African development agency “Africa Ignite” connects Ms. Khumalo with the Dutch creator Manousha Kraal of Noush. Together, they work on the refining and development of Ms. Khumalo’s technique to produce the cushions, with a colored cotton or polycotton fabric. This duo worked well because the cushions are now marketed all over the world.
Who is Africa Ignite?
Africa Ignite is a non-profit rural development organization that was launched in 2004. They are based in KwaZuluNatal, a province in South Africa. It is an organization that supports young people and adults; Including about 1,000 rural artisans, most of whom are women; Sanitation and water workers; Rural sector entrepreneurs; tourist guides ; Counters and field researchers.

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