Coronavirus in the French overseas departments: country by country report

Coronavirus in the French overseas departments: country by country report

Compared to France, the French overseas departments are less affected by the coronavirus epidemic. But little by little, countries are starting to record a worrying increase in confirmed cases. For this, it is necessary to continue to respect the confinement and the rules of hygiene.

The lack of protective equipment, the under-equipment of health services, poverty, the rise in prices in food businesses are many difficulties for the Overseas during this pandemic.



  • 152 cases, 8 deaths and 67 cured

Guadeloupe still has 152 cases of coronavirus confirmed by PCR test. Today, a total of 97 people are declared cured by infectious disease specialists in Guadeloupe.



  • 157 cases, 8 deaths and 50 cured

Martinique has 157 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with eight deaths and fifty cured for a population of more than 350,000 inhabitants.

Regarding confinement, Martinique and Guadeloupe were placed under curfew between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. on April 1.



  • 38 cases, 3 deaths and 13 cured

According to the latest ARS assessment, Saint-Martin has 38 confirmed cases, 3 deaths and 13 cured.



  • 14 cases, 1 cured

Saint Lucia has 14 confirmed cases and 1 cured. Since April 1, the population has been in confinement 24 hours a day until April 7, 2020. Meals will be distributed to the most vulnerable by a government agency.



  • 131 cases, 99 cured, 1 death

“People are hungry, children no longer have to eat. Many people survive on the informal economy, but with confinement they can no longer make a living from these odd jobs or go to the market. The need for food aid is glaring and constantly increasing. “

Aude Trépont, general coordinator of Doctors of the World in Guyana.

Food aid is distributed to precarious populations.


La Réunion 

  • 423 cas de Covid-19, 300 guéris

Reunion has 423 confirmed cases, but it also faces a double epidemic of dengue and coronavirus.



  • 650 cases, 352 cured, 6 deaths

The epidemic is becoming worrying in Mayotte. Located in the red zone, Mayotte has 650 confirmed cases of Covid-19, 6 deaths. With the lack of running water, climate, electricity and poverty, containment and curfew are difficult to enforce. It’s impossible to ask the population, who live mainly in sheet metal huts, to stay locked there 24 hours a day, with more than 40 or 50 degrees. They are also facing a double health crisis with the epidemic of coronavirus and dengue.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines : .8 cases, 1 cured.

Saint-Barthélémy: 6 cases, 4 cured

Polynesia : 18 cases

New Caledonia: 8 cases

Wallis and Futuna and Saint Pierre and Miquelon are currently virus free on their soil.


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