Coolest Mustache Styles for Black Men

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How to style my mustache?

Coolest Mustache Styles for Black Men

The return of the mustache comes back strong in our society. You can see it on the red carpets of our favorite stars. Synonymous of virility, the mustache has a reassuring and careful side. But the mustache needs to respect a few rules, because having a mustache is an art.

  • The mustache must respect the morphology of the face.
  • The design of the mustache is different from one man to another. A balance must be struck to harmonize everything.
  • There are several styles of mustache designs.
  • In the examples below, they are American mustaches, because one sees well appear the upper lip.

How to have a mustache?
1 / Let the beard grow.
2 / Once, the desired length. Shave hair you do not want and sculpt your mustache.
3 / Be careful to draw your mustache according to your face (mouth, nose, lips, eyes, chin)
4 / Apply an ointment or wax to better handle your mustache.
moustache eddy murphy


Denzel-Washington moustache

moustache jamie fox



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