Caviar Manicure For Women | Nail Art Inspiration

Caviar Manicure For Women

Caviar Manicure For Women | Nail Art Inspiration

Chic, original, caviar manicure is one of the latest trends in the fantastic universe of “Nail Art. It draws you into another dimension by bringing you a “caviar effect” to the tips of your fingernails.
This is the latest addition to Nail Art, to try out any emergencies. At the salon, at home, where during a session with her girlfriends, you can have fun transforming your nails into a real work of art.
The famous English brand Ciaté, in the United Kingdom launched “Caviar Nail Manicure” (manicure caviar), which became in a very short time, manicure chiquissime and unavoidable. It is a manicure, which one often finds during the fashion shows.

Caviar manicure , what exactly?

Caviar manicure takes your nails into another dimension. Indeed, your nails are dressed with microbeads of pearls, which make a textured effect 3-D and very feminine.
It’s an ideal manicure to wear, for a special day, a photo shoot, the time of an evening or all just to impress her friends. Since it does not last very long (between 2 to 4 days), it is better to reserve it for a special occasion. Stars, like actress Jessica Beal wears elegantly this kind of manicure.

Tutorial: How to make caviar manicure?

1) Ciaté method
Two options are available to you, or you buy directly the Ciaté Brand Kit for about 22 € at Sephora. In the kit, there is as a material: a base, a top-coat, a Ciaté varnish and Ciaté beads. You can choose between rainbow-colored, black or other beads.

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2) Method without the kit: to do yourself
Or, if your purse is limited, you buy micro-beads of pearls and you do it yourself. This is much cheaper. It is very easy to do, and it is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith. So train yourself!

  • A base of varnish
  • An opaque white varnish
  • A top-coat. The top coat will make your varnish shine and will make it last in time.
  • Micro-bead bottles of beads. In some stores, you can find micro-beads of pearls and choose the colors that interest you, to make a very original style.

Follow these 6 steps to set up your caviar manicure
1 / Apply a thin coat of base of varnish to prepare your nails.
2 / Then add a layer of opaque white varnish. (Not very thick)
3 / While the varnish is still fresh, pour the micro-beads of caviar beads thoroughly onto a nail.
4 / Press gently on the beads to fix them in the still fresh varnish.
5 / Repeat following the same procedure for the other nails.
6 / Finish, applying a top coat to make shine and hold the beads well.
Patience is the art of all things. Wait between 20 and 25 minutes, so that the manicure is completely dry.
caviar nails manucure-afroculture

Have you ever tried this kind of manicure? 


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