Can 2022: 10 indomitable Cameroonian dishes to eat during your stay

Can 2022: 10 indomitable Cameroonian dishes to eat during your stay

For all the tourists and soccer lovers, presents you 10 Cameroonian dishes that you can taste during your stay in Cameroon. Cameroonian cuisine is rich in flavor, refined and diversified thanks to its regions and ethnic groups. In Cameroon, there are many traditional dishes that we recommend you to taste.

  • 1/ DG chicken.

Popular and unavoidable, DG chicken is a dish that consists of fried chicken with plantains (sliced and fried), carrot, green bean, peppers and spices. It is eaten on holidays and traditionally on Sundays. 

  • 2/ The Ndolè.

The unavoidable ndolè is a dish originating from Douala. It is a reference of Cameroonian gastronomy. It is a vegetable plant whose green leaves are eaten with meat, fish, game or seafood. It is accompanied with manioc, plantain (fried as boiled.), yam, fufu or rice.

  • 3/ The braised fish

Among the most popular dishes of the country, you have the braised fish (mackerel, sea bass, sole, tilapia, captain). It is accompanied by condiments and chili.

  • 4/ The soya

Everywhere in Cameroon, you will find Soya. These are small skewers of braised beef, which are eaten as an appetizer. 

  • 5/ Beef with okra sauce.

Very famous on the African continent, the gombo sauce is an essential sauce. Beef with okra sauce is a dish that consists of beef and okra sauce. 

  • 6/ Kondre of pork.

The kondre is a dish that consists of fresh pork, beef or fish. It is accompanied by plantains. It originates from the west of Cameroon.

  • 7/ The mbongo tchobi.

Bassa specialty, mbongo tchobi is a delicious black sauce. It is accompanied by boiled macabo, ripe plantain or boiled.

  • 8/ Nfiang owondo – sauce d’arachide (Beti)
photos credits Alice Pégie

A typical Betis dish, Nfiang owondo is a Cameroonian mafe, which consists of meat or fish stew in a peanut sauce.

So, do you like it! If you know of other popular dishes from Cameroon, don’t hesitate to share your knowledge with us.


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