Bring Back Our Girls – Now and Alive | Nigeria

Bring Back Our Girls – Now and Alive | Nigeria

Liberty, fraternity, equality are words that resonate throughout the world. After the terrorist attacks in France, millions of people marched for freedom. But, let’s not forget that more than 200 girls are trapped in the hands of Boko Haram. We all cry out Bring Back Our Girls “Bring back our daughters.” Innocent girls, deprived of freedom, equality and fraternity. Innocent girls who are denied the right to go to school and study in peace. Innocent girls are raped, sold like animals, tortured and used as a human bomb. The world must not remain ignorant of this fact. How, can we sleep quiet in the face of the suffering of these poor children.
Whole families in Nigeria live in misfortune and suffering. They pray and beg the Nigerian government to come to their aid. But, everyone is afraid. Some soldiers even refuse to fight Boko Haram. Where is the international march to defend her poor daughters who are in the hands of barbarians like Boko Haram. Yes, in the hands of barbarians, who walk on freedom, kill teachers and oppress the weak.

Back on the kidnapping of 200 high school girls

It all began on 14 April 2014, around 11 pm, the Boko Haram sect kidnapped more than 200 high-school girls between the ages of 12 and 17 in their high school in Chibok, Borno state in northeastern Nigeria. While they slept, armed men, dressed in military uniforms, entered the establishment. They broke and burned everything on their passages and forced the young high school students to board trucks in the direction of the forest of Sambisa.
Courageous, some high school students jump off the truck and manage to escape their captors. They prefer to die rather than be in the hands of these fighters and run into the bush at full speed.

Amina Sawok and Thabita Walse told the Sunday Punch newspaper: “They entered our school and made us believe they were soldiers. They were wearing military uniforms. When we discovered the truth, it was too late and we could not do much. They were screaming, they were rude. That’s why we realized that they were insurgents. Then they started firing and set fire to our school. Our vehicle had a problem and they had to stop. I took advantage of it with some other girls to run and hide us under bushes. I am fine and I am very solid physically. My only problem is that friends of mine remain in the hands of terrorists. “
Kuma Ishaku, an 18-year-old survivor, said: “If you want to die, sit here, we’ll kill you, if you do not want to die, get in these trucks.”
Joy Bishara, an 18-year-old high school student, testified that at the time of the kidnapping, the kidnappers yelled, “We are going to burn your school, you do not have to go to school anymore, you have to go to the Islamic school.” And she adds: “They were shouting” Allah akbar! “(” God is the greatest! “)

Who is Boko Haram? What does he really want?

Initially, the Boko Haram sect is a protesting religious movement in Nigeria. It was created in 2003 by Mohamed Yusuf. At his death during a raid, the sect is led by Abu Muhammad Abubakar Bin Muhammad. The name Boko Haram means in Hausa “Western education is a sin. “
Taking advantage of the misery of the people and the problems of society, they attract many faithful in its ranks. They get many donations from his followers, and political leaders from Northern Nigeria as well as from Al-Quaida. As of 2009, the Boko haram sect is entering into terrorism and claims more than one hundred and sixty-four murderous attacks and robberies in Nigeria. They kill many Nigerians. They burn whole villages, kidnap women and children, kill the men and cause a real jolt around them. For fear of dying, the population is fleeing in large numbers in Chad, Niger (1,500 people) and Cameroon (12,400 people).
But what does he really want? How this man can be decreed Muslim and kill many confreres to him. Boko haram wants as the Afghan Taliban movement the application of Sharia in Nigeria.
Here are some of their claims:

  • Boko haram is against anti-Westernism.
  • He wants everybody to convert to the Muslim religion and wants the strict application of Sharia.
    He is against Western education. He sees it as a threat to Islamic culture. They do not hesitate to assassinate teachers and kidnap children to drop out of school.
  • He firmly condemns the gender mix, the use of the Gregorian calendar, the practice of sport. Yes, at Boko Haram, football is banned. He thinks that it takes people away from religion and corrupts their values.
  • He recommends his followers to no longer attend schools of Western inspirations and Nigerian public schools stemming from the British colonial system.
  • He ordered his followers to marry each other. They kidnap girls and force them to marry her men.
  • For this sect, all women must be veiled. They must stop school, get married and give birth. He has a very narrow vision of the role of women.

The testimony of a 19-year-old high school student said that the Boko Haram fighters shouted, “Ah! Here are the people we are looking for. You are hard-headed girls who persist in going to school while we said “boko” is “haram”. We will kill you here today. “
After the abduction of the 200 high school girls, he did not hesitate on May 5 to boast of his abject act by declaring: “I abducted the girls. I will sell them on the market in the name of Allah. There is a market where they sell human beings … I said that Western education had to stop. Girls, you have to leave (school) and get married. […] A 12-year-old girl, I would give her in marriage, even a 9-year-old girl, I would. “

Boko Haram is without faith or law. He attacks the government, the military, the Christians and his Muslim brothers who do not respect Sharia. He became known in France, following the kidnapping of the French family Moulin-Fournier in Cameroon and the abduction of 200 high school girls.

Bring Back Our Girls – Now and Alive

These young high school students live a real calvary in the hands of Boko Haram. They are physically and psychologically destroyed.

  • Force to convert and get married

.They are treated as slaves. In a video, we see 130 veiled girls, dressed in black hijabs, to recite verses from the Qur’an. The leader Shekau boasts of his act, with a smirk and demands the release of prisoner against the young high school students. He says that the girls were converted to Islam and married by force.
 A high school girl recounts being threatened with death, a rope around her neck, until she agrees to convert to Islam. Another 15-year-old girl said that when she complained about being too young to get married, one of the commanders told her that her five-year-old daughter had been married the previous year.

  • Violate and threaten death

A survivor talks about rape and death threats. She says:” that she was forced to cook and clean for other women who were entitled to special treatment because of their beauty.”
Godiya Simon, a 17-year-old Nigerian explains that they were not violent with her at first. He was obliged to feed the men of the camp. When Boko Haram’s men asked to go to their needs, they refused.
According to Human Rights Watch, many of these women and girls are used as sexual objects by their abductors. They are deprived of all dignity by forced labor and repeated rapes.

  • Use as a human bomb or shield

Ils utilisent ces jeunes enfants en première ligne comme bouclier. Il a forcé une fillette de 10 ans à porter une ceinture d’explosifs autour de la taille et l’a fait exploser au marché de Maiduguri, au nord du Nigeria. Cet attentat-suicide a causé la mort de 20 personnes dont la fillette de 10 ans.

A 19-year-old girl who managed to escape explains to Human Rights Watch: “I was asked to carry the ammunition and lie down in the grass while they were fighting. They came to stock up ammunition, during the day, as the fighting continued, “she said. “When the security forces arrived and they started shooting at us, I fell to the ground, out of fear. The insurgents then dragged me to the ground, fleeing to the camp. “
Another said he was also ordered to kill one of the members of a private militia captured by Boko Haram with a knife. She explains, “I trembled, horrified, and I could not do it. The wife of the camp chief then took the knife and killed her. “

Human Rights Watch says more than 500 women and girls have been abducted since 2009 by Boko Haram.

Hope is still here

Despite this, we must keep hope and continue to pray and hope that all prisoners will be released. The families of these children must have faith. During the kidnapping, four high school girls managed to escape to the hands of its terrorists. During attacks by the Boko Haram group, 63 to 68 women and girls escaped taking advantage of the absence of their kidnappers.

Many celebrities and personalities from around the world support young girls to raise awareness by bringing the “Bring Back Our Girls” sign. We can cite Michelle Obama, Malala Yousafzai, Amy Poehler, Puff Daddy, Eva Longoria, Emma Watson, The Rock, Usher, and so on.

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A representative of the local militias in the State of Borno confirmed that several young girls had escaped and said: “They had this courageous gesture when their captors were absent for an operation. “
The names of rescued girls include Amina Sawok, Thabita Walse, Kuma Ishaku (18), Joy Bishara (18), Godiya Simon (17) and many others.

Indeed, to escape the Boko Haram group, the young high school student Joy bishara says: “Yes, yes, I ran through the bush. I did not know where I was going. I think they were going to kill me. He said, ‘We will kill you.’ “

Godiya Simon and three of her friends managed to escape from the hands of Boko Haram’s men as they fled as they ate. They wandered before being picked up by villagers.
bring back our girls (2)Many of the girls who escaped went to Maiduguri to identify the remaining prisoners.
The families of victims are constantly protesting in Nigeria, shouting “bring back our girls”. They do not hesitate to demonstrate before the presidency to show that they are still active and that they want their daughters to come back.
Enoch Marck, head of the Chibok Elders’ Council, whose daughter and niece were kidnapped, recounts:

“At first, we were very optimistic, we thought our daughters were going to be found and saved in a few days … but this hope has diminished day by day. “
“At one point we even considered funeral rites for girls, according to our traditions,” he added.
The day when families learn that a girl was able to escape after nine months, they regain hope. They say, “If this girl has been able to regain freedom after nine months … we do not lose hope that our daughters will be released one day”, “it has given us hope and patience” and “we are Ready to wait six years, even, that our daughters return among us. “

The families want the government to do everything to free their daughters. Many of them remain in sadness, anguish and pain while waiting for the return of their children.

A mother says: “I do not lose hope to be able to squeeze my daughter one day in my arms. “

Freedom is a gift from God. Many people have died so that we may be free in this world. In these difficult times, we must be grateful for the opportunity to have gone to school and live in a climate of peace. The tragic history of these young girls shows the danger of religions, when they are practiced by fanatics, who do not act in the name of God. For God is love and wishes the happiness of all. He is the only one to act on his behalf and does not need anyone for it. Thank Heaven for the benefits you have and live in peace with one another. Do not get trained or corrupted by lying and perfidious gurus and watch out for others!

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