Bridesmaids: which colors of dresses to choose?

Bridesmaids: which colors of dresses to choose?

Bridesmaids are of considerable importance during your wedding. But, you do not know how to dress them? And, you are constantly wondering, what colors of dresses to choose for my bridesmaids?
First, bridesmaid dresses must be matched to your wedding dress without shading the bride.
Then, put up a dress code for your bridesmaids to save time and simplicity. We see more and more concept of the same dress to all impregnate in the marriages of the whole world. But, you are going to have to choose a dress that will suit all bodies, with a color that will blend well with the theme of your wedding. Do not forget to make numerous adjustments and adjustments so that the dress adapts perfectly to the ladies of honor.
You have several choices of dresses available to you:

  • A dress code with identical dresses.
  • Dresses the same color with different shapes.
  • Printed dresses with floral patterns.
  • Dresses with a color gradient.
  • Dresses of different colors, specific to each of your ladies of honor.
  • From dresses to African or Indian fabrics for an ethnic wedding.

Finally, do not forget the bouquet of flowers of the bridesmaids, in the same style and theme as that of my bride.
See below 9 colors to choose from:

  • PINK


  • RED

  • BLUE






  • GREY




Do you like these clothing?
What’s your favorite color?

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