Braid out: how to have natural curly hair? | Black & Biracial Hair

Braid out: how to have natural curly hair? | Black & Biracial Hair

With Nappy movement, black and biracial women proudly show their natural hair. And many are wondering how to curl his hair without heat? Today, we are going to talk about braid out hairstyle to have beautiful curls. But, the style will be different depending on the texture and type of curls you are looking for. 

  • Objective: to have pretty voluminous curls, disciplined but less defined. 

Braid out is a method to consist in making braids or mats glued on the whole head, let them dry and undo the next day in order that the hair keeps its shape. It is a technique widely used by women with frizzy hair. 


♦ A vaporizer. 

♦ A wide-toothed comb or a brush to untangle the hair. 

♦ A mirror, elastics or clips. 

♦ Nourishing oil based on jojoba, castor oil, or others. 

♦ Moisturizer or capillary milk: to define and nourish the curls. (Cantu Shea Butter Leave Conditioner, Giovanni Weightless Moisture Leave In, or Shea Moisture Shea Butter Leave In Conditioner)  



  • 1) Stretch clean hair to prepare the hair for the adapted hairstyle. For this, you make 4 big braids and let you dry a good time (5 to 6 pm).
  • 2) Thoroughly disentangle the hair with your fingers quickly. Then they are moistened with a spray of water if they are dry.
  • 3) Hair is moisturized with a cream or specific product that defines the curls. And to seal, hydration, we nourish the hair with an oil (jojoba, castor ..).
  • 4) Realization of the braids

Make classic three-strand braids all over your head. (put a satin bonnet to sleep). During all night, the braids will dry and take the form of braiding. 

Tips: your braids must be of average size. Because too big, they will not have enough definition and too small, they will lack of volume. 

  • 5) Undoing your braids. It’s the Braid out.

Undo the braids gently the next day with your fingers by applying a small amount of vegetable oil for more shine. Her hair is homogenized by carefully separating the hair. 

 Tips: they must be untied at the root in order to keep the ripples. To gain volume, the roots are separated with the fingers or an Afro comb with wide teeth at the roots is used. For cons, do not use a comb to undo the braids, otherwise you will lose loops. 

  • 6) Divide each ripple to get the rendering you want. To keep this hairstyle as long as possible, simply make coarse braids before going to bed the following nights.

Advantage of this hairstyle: 

  • 1 / Hairstyle simple to achieve.
  • 2 / It provides beautiful ripples.
  • 3 / It gives volume to your hair.
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