Blue lipstick for black women


Blue lipstick for black women

After the green, the new fashion trend offset is to wear lipstick “blue. Spotted in the spring of 2008, during the fashion shows, there are many audacious women who dare to wear “blue lipstick”. “
Rihanna, the sublime Barbadian, launched the fashion effect by wearing blue lipstick, which suits her. Actress Lupita Nyong’o, at the premiere of Star Wars, wore a metallic blue lipstick. Many celebrities have followed the fashion effect is dare to cross the cape of the blue mouth.
The blue color is cold and flashy, which gives you a second look. If you do not have a cold eye, do not hesitate to wear “blue” lipstick, to have an original style. There are different shades of blue from the lightest to the darkest.
If you have black or dull skin, blue is a color, which will make you delight. Many professional makeup artists believe that flashy colors are recommended for dark skins. The navy blue for example will perfectly match the black tan.
For light colors, choose a dark blue deep lipstick, like Kylie Jenner. For when one chooses the wrong color of blue one can easily have a pale or sick complexion.
Advantage of wearing blue:

  • It gives you an original and offbeat style.
  • Blue brings a touch of peps to your lips.

How to apply blue lipstick?
1 / Pass the contour of his lips with a blue pencil for the eyes.
2 / Then, put his lipstick blue.
Tip: when putting blue or flashy lipstick, you avoid overfilling your face with makeup. A light makeup is a must.









And you friends, do you like blue lipstick?


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