Blonde Hairstyles For Black Men | Men’s Hairstyles

homme noirs cheveux blonds - Black men

Blonde Hairstyles For Black Men | Men’s Hairstyles

Blonde hair is a hairstyle for some black and mixed-race men. Singers such as Sisqo, Chris Brown and athletes like Mario Balotelli, Djibril Cissé, Alexandre Song, Rigobert Song, Denis Rodman have all adopted the blonde on their hair.
But, it is necessary to think well not to dye the blond hair on a blow of madness. Because, unfortunately, this style of hairstyle does not go to everyone.
djibril cissé cheveux blonds
Djibril Cissé.
chris brown cheveux blonds
Chris Brown.
Paul Pogba
Mario Balotelli

dreadlocks blonds

Dudley-OShaughnessy-cheveux blonds
Dudley OShaughnessy.
alexandre song cheveux blonds
Alexandre Song.
Tiger Wood

Louis Saha
shaggy-dreadlocks-hairstyle-with-tinge-of-blondedj_skin_blondsmens-hair-colourLouis Saha, Everton
Louis Saha, Everton.

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