Blacks with hazel eyes a rare phenomenon

les noirs aux yeux noisettes - black people with hazel brown eyes
Have you ever seen black eyes with hazel eyes?
Blacks with hazel eyes a rare phenomenon.

Have you ever noticed in your entourage blacks with hazel eyes? Hazel eyes are pretty brown eyes spangled with green, which change color according to mood or light inside or outside. That is, they can go from brown to green. Hazel eyes are a rare color to be defined as much for people of Caucasian types, as for black people or asians. This phenomenon is even more surprising and rare when it is people of Asian or African origins who have hazel eyes. Black celebrities such as Tyra Banks, Rihanna, Tiffany Hines, Jada Pinkett, daughter Willow Smith, Terrence Howard of the Empire series, singer Lemar, actress Regina king, Raven Symone, Eva marcille dazzles us with their eyes hazelnut.

But, how to explain this phenomenon of hazel eyes in the blacks?

Scientifically, hazel eyes are a color difficult to understand and complex. Why ? Because this color is rare and it is the combination of several colors like brown and green. Unlike the hazel eyes have less melanin than brown eyes, but more than blue eyes. There are often variations and depending on the time or light, they go from brown to green. Sometimes the eyes are light brown, darker or green.
One study showed that 74% of hazel eyes have a brown ring surrounding the pupil. Specifically, they have a multicolored iris with a different color found on the edges. They thus respect the principle of Rayleigh, that is to say, the blue eyes appear in blue and the melanin is the pigment that makes the eyes brown brown. The color of the human eye generally depends on three brown, green and blue genes. But, other colors exist, like gray, hazel and multiple combinations, which are still inexplicable. Researchers have a hard time knowing what makes the eyes hazel. For them, it is a mixture of brown and green.
In the United States and European countries, there are many people with hazel eyes. On the other hand in Africa and Asia, it is a very rare phenomenon, because the color that dominates is brown. It is unclear what can cause this hazel among ethnic minorities. This eye color may be due to the genes of parents, genetic material or Caucasian origin in their families.

Makeup, in people with hazel eyes.

Hazel-eyed women are lucky, because they can all afford. Their gaze is already illuminated, as they change color according to mood, light, where clothing and makeup they choose. But we will come back in more detail in another article.
Unfortunately, some people with hazel eyes can suffer from Wilson’s disease. Indeed, it is a genetic mutation that prevents copper from being properly treated.
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Willow Smith attends the Dolce & Gabbana VIP Room during Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2011 on September 26, 2010 in Milan, Italy. Milan Fashion Week Womenswear S/S 2011: Dolce & Gabbana VIP Room Milan, Italy September 26, 2010 Photo by Venturelli/ To license this image (61815119), contact

Hope you like this article! Do not hesitate to leave comments if you have ever seen black eyes with hazel eyes in your family or entourage. According to you, this phenomenon results from genetic material, recessive genes of parents or Caucasian origins in black people.



  1. When I was 16 years old and I began to understand that my eye color changed with my mood. I even noticed that when I would wear green scrubs in high school lies would turn green. And whenever I was sad or extremely angry my eyes would be light brown. People used to say they were a cat eyes or hazel eyes.

    I could resonate with the opening comments in this article regarding the changing of mood or clothing corresponds to a change of eye color.

    1. I never knew I had Hazel eyes until about 4-5 years ago when my cousin told me he saw them change all of the time! And I’m 62yo now WOW I’ve only seen light to medium brown with a blue ring ( of purpose ) but lately I’ve been documenting pictures & videos asking friends from back to High School & further and they all said yes “cat eyes, crayon eyes” because mood, weather, clothing, lighting causes them to change. After deeper research I found out that mine are even more rare because they’re considered “Chameleon Hazel eyes” that have an all black or silver mirrored reflection or navy blue, or a combination of 3-4 colors that swirl with NO pupils! They were the color of the sky ( blue, white & grey clouds ) swirling counter clockwise without pupils then the next day black, grey, green & yellow swirling again with NO pupils that FREAKED OUT the 2 friends that saw them causing me to look into a mirror and it freaked me out like some kind of Sci-Fi Special EFX and including Hulk Green ( when I’m mad ) 4 people I’ve videod described them that way. People around me never or rarely said anything but later on saying they thought I already knew about my eyes hence the late bloomer LOL. My Hazel Eyes are light brown with flex of green & yellow iris AND lavender, light bluish grey then medium to darker blue with a green outer ring for my outer iris ring WEIRD but true and finaly documented.
      If anyone is interested you can contact me to compare what you may know and comment.

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