Black women with septum piercing

Piercing au septum - anneau dans le nez

Black women with septum piercing

For a rebellious and cool look, many celebrities like Rihanna, Zoe Kravits, Jessica Biel have all succumbed to wearing a ring in the nose (septum piercing). The septum is the middle partition between the two nostrils.
.Since 2014, wearing a ring in the nose has become very trendy. It must be remembered that this style is not new, because many African peoples (eg the Fulanis), the Indians and the Incas were already wearing piercings.
True or fake piercing in the nose, you are free to choose what suits you best. But, you have to be very courageous and ambitious to take the plunge, because that is not going to everyone.
The advantage of wearing a ring to the non-permanent septum.

  • 1/ Simple to put, you just need to buy a septum ring and put it on.
  • 2/ You can remove it at any time.
  • 3/ This saves you from suffering, because getting a piercing is expensive.
  • 4/SIf this does not fit your face, you can remove it whenever you like.
  • 5/This gives you a cool, exotic and rebellious look.
  • 6/The price. It takes between 50 € and 60 € to have a real piercing to the septum in a professional.







piercing septum
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piercing au septum

But tell me, are you rather for or against a septum piercing ?

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