Black parents give birth to a white child and vice versa, white and black twins

Do you know the incredible story of these two black parents who gave birth to a white child? Do you also know that two white parents can have a black child or that there are cases where black and white parents have twins of different colours? The laws of genetics make fun of man. All those who talk about race are wrong. These extraordinary families testify to us that the world can be neither black nor white and that tolerance, love, difference must reign. .  

Parents like no other: black couple, white child

1. Ben and Angela Ihegboro: black couple of Nigerian origin, white child

un-bebe-blanc-au-milieu-d-une-famille-noire 5
Ben and Angela Ihegboro, a Nigerian couple give birth to a white child in London.

Ben and Angela Ihegboro are part of a family like no other. Indeed, on July 20, 2010, the newspaper, the “Sun” tells the story of the birth of a little girl with blond hair, white skin and blue eyes named Nmachi Ihegboro. This story is incredible because, the parents are black British of Nigerian origin, have no white ancestor and the baby is not albino (having a genetic disease characterized by the non-pigmentation of the skin, hair and eyes). Ben and Angela Ihegboro are a Nigerian couple living in London. They are parents of two black children and their third child was a white child. How can this be explained?
un-bebe-blanc-au-milieu-d-une-famille-noire 3

Nmachi Ihegboro, a little white girl born to black parents.

For scientists, this genetic phenomenon is possible, but remains unexplained to this day. The astonishment is great, because these parents have already had two dark-skinned children and have no white ancestors in their families. Nor is it the result of adultery. The doctors at Queen Mary’s hospital did tests and certified to the parents that the child was not albino or mixed race.  The rules of genetics are indecipherable, inexplicable and totally extraordinary..
parents-noirs-bebe-blanc-black parents, white babyProfessor Bryan Sykes, head of genetics at Oxford University says, “It’s an extraordinary phenomenon.” He says: “In mixed populations, sometimes the lighter skin tone variant can reappear on a child. And it can sometimes be surprisingly different from the parents’ skin colour,” he says. This can especially happen in populations where there is a lot of genetic mixing, such as Afro-Caribbeans. But in Nigeria, there is little mixing.” For him, it can happen if the parents have white ancestors in their family. But in this context, this is not the case.
un-bebe-blanc-au-milieu-d-une-famille-noire 4Scientists believe that the probability of black parents having a white child may be the result of a genetic mutation that the parents carry. That is, the mutation occurred in the reproductive cells of one of the parents. And this mutation would be dominant.
So we see that the laws of genetics are making fun of men. This is a big scoop for racists who talk about race or who think that we are all fatally black or white. You can read again the incredible story of the black people with blue eyes and the black people with blond hair, who show you the complex of human life.

couple_noir un-bebe-blanc-au-milieu-d-une-famille-noire 6parents noirs, enfant blanc

 2.  Arlette and Francis Tshibangu: black parents of Congolese origin give birth to a white child.

Arlette and Francis Tshibangu give birth to a white child Daniel (11 weeks)

Francis meets Arlette during a return to Congo in 2007. These two black parents of Congolese origin have been living in Great Britain for 10 years. They are married, already have a two year old child Seth and have settled in Loughborough. The story of this unique family began when Arlette gave birth to a white child called Daniel. Daniel will be born white, with blond hair in a family of black parents at the Leicester Royal Infirmary hospital in England.
arlette et francis tshibangu -parents noirs, enfant blanc 2Francis, 28, told the DailyMail newspaper that he was shocked the day his son Daniel was born. His first thought was: “Wow, is he really mine?”. Surprised, the doctors looked at each other and said that the child could not be Daniel’s. The nurses initially thought that the child was born of adultery.  Then the doctors reassured them. Daniel is indeed their child. He’s not albino or mixed-race..

arlette et francis tshibangu -parents noirs, enfant blanc 3 arlette et francis tshibangu -parents noirs, enfant blanc 4

Doctors believe that Arlette and Francis gave birth to a white child, because this phenomenon has already happened to one of Arlette’s grandmothers, who would have given birth to a white child. But that was six generations ago. 

3. Ethelbert and Nkemakonam Ofor: black Nigerian parents give birth to Emmanuel Ofor, a white child.

Ethelbert and Nkemakonam Ofor, parents noirs enfant blanc
Ethelbert and Nkemakonam Ofor are black Nigerian (Igbo) parents who gave birth to a white child named Emmanuel. Emmanuel was born in Great Britain in February 2007, with white skin and green eyes.
Doctors say he is neither albino nor mixed race. This kind of case happens in one out of a million cases in the world.  Emmanuel has two Afoma sisters, six years old and Whythney 6 months old who are black-skinned. Little Emmanuel regularly wonders why these sisters are black and he was born white. But, this case still remains unexplained.

The parents were shocked at the birth of their child, but the mother explained that she has a distant cousin in her family who had a similar case. 

Parents like no other: mixed couples, black mother, white child.

Catherine and Richard Howarth: A Black Mother Gives Birth to a Child

Catherine Howard, a 32-year-old British mother of Nigerian origin gave birth to a white child with green eyes and light hair at the Milton Keynes hospital in England. When the baby came out of his mother’s womb, he was completely white and had the same features as her husband Richard.
Surprised this couple had a one in a million chance of having this type of pregnancy.
Husband Richard explains to the Daily Mirror newspaper:

Catherine and I noticed his complexion was very similar to mine, and were surprised. The midwives and doctors told us that it will probably stay that colour. »

Tests were done and their son was not albino or unfaithful. The doctors explained to the mother that this result was due to atavism. That is, she was a carrier of a dormant recessive gene, which may explain her newborn’s unlikely pigmentation. Maybe Catherine had a white ancestor in her family, but she claims she didn’t. As far back as she can remember, her family has always been black.
Les heureux parents expliquent :

The color of his skin is of no interest. »
Jonah is a healthy, happy baby, and that’s all that matters. » »

Jonas is now 3 years old and looks exactly like his father. Ah la la, genetics will always surprise us.
But how can a black parent give birth to a white child?

  • Skin colour is a sign of genetic influence.
  • A baby’s colour depends on the predominant amount of melanin found in the skin cells of its parents.
  • Also, this exists because of atavism (a dormant recessive gene) for several generations.

Parents like no other: white couple, black child
4. Abraham and Sannie Laing: white couple give birth to a black child.

Do you know the incredible story of South African Sandra Laing? Sandra Laing is a black child, born to white parents. In 1955, Abraham and Sannie Laing gave birth to Sandra. The parents are surprised because Sandra is dark-skinned. They both think that in time their daughter’s skin color will lighten, but this will never happen.

Sandra Laing, sa mère et son père
Sannie, Sandra and Abraham Laing white parents, black child

When she was born, her mother was stunned, she says.

” I noticed right away that Sandra had darker skin than ours, but that didn’t spoil the joy I felt. And if our daughter’s color ever shocked my husband, he didn’t show it.”
These parents already had two white boys. The problem for Sandra was that these parents were apartheiders. And as you know, black skin and frizzy hair didn’t mix well in apartheid South Africa. As a student at the Deborah Retief boarding school, she was expelled from school and two policemen walked her home. 

 Her father was very sad and wept at the news. Nine schools refused to take Sandra because of her colour. The parents had no choice but to enroll her in a school for blacks or mixed race. Her father fought fiercely against the government to have her reclassified as “white”. Sandra’s blood tests confirmed that she was white and she was reclassified as white. The family was ostracized by those around them and the ice cream companies refused to serve Sandra. Her father wanted Sandra to marry a white lawyer, but Sandra felt more comfortable with black people. She fell in love with Petrus Zwane, a young black man who sold fruits and vegetables. . 

 5.  Mary and Joseph Smith in Arkansas: white parents, black child
Mary et Joseph smith, parent blancs enfant noir
Joseph and Mary Smith, white parents, had a black child named Todd Smith. The parents said, “They were sure it was their son, but they didn’t know why he was black. “When the child was born, the father laughed inside him, wondering if he was really his. And, they didn’t have anyone in their family who was black. The doctors at the hospital thought Mary was cheating on Joseph while he was away on business. But she wasn’t.  Mary’s parents think their grandson Todd is a gift from God. To them, it’s a real miracle. Dr. James Martin, a popular geneticist in the pediatric department of the Baptist Medical Clinic explains that it’s a case of genetic mixing. The laws of genetics are not simple and it’s very hard to understand. 

  Surprising parents: mixed couples, black and white twins
6.  Kelly and Remi Hodgson give birth to black and white twins.

black-and-white-twins-2 kian and remee 1 years old

Kelly and Remi Hodgson, Métis parents, gave birth to twins, one black and one white. Their chances of having a black child and a white child is a very rare case.

kelly et remi hodgson, cas de jumelles noir et blanc
kelly & Remi hodgson, with their twins
Kelly Hodgson and her twins
black-and-white-twins-3-kian and remee kelly et remi hodgson, cas de jumelles noir et blanc 2
black-and-white-twins-kian and remee kelly et remi hodgson, cas de jumelles noir et blanc5

 7. Dean and Alison give birth to twins of different colors twice..

Dean and Alison and their dark-skinned and white-skinned twins

The fabulous destiny of a couple like no other. A British couple, Dean Durrant, originally from India, and Alison Sooner, a white woman, had twins on 13 November 2001 in the United Kingdom. This story is incredible because one is dark-skinned and the other is white. When their children Miyah and Leah were born, the parents were shocked at their skin differences.  The parents did a DNA test to prove that these twins were indeed theirs. The odds of that happening were a million to one. How is that possible?
One study explains that in England 50% of the British population has had at least one distant black relative.
But the most surprising thing is that this will happen again in their families in 2010. Dean and Alison will give birth to two more twins, Hayleigh and Lauren, still dark and white. Surprising, right?

Alison and Dean and their different-colored twins
Dean et Alison, jumelle noire et blanche
Hayleigh & Lauren

8. Carole and Brian Fraser and their twins Martha & Daniel – Australia
Carole fraser, a mixed-race mother married to a white man gives birth to twins, one white and one mixed-race in Australia. The weirdest part is that the mother expected to have children of different colours.


 9. The couple Gerth and their twins Ryan and Leo – Germany

Ryan et leo - jumeaux de couleurs noirs et blancs 2
The couple Gerth and their twins Ryan and Leo, of different colors

This German couple was surprised by Mother Nature. Indeed, they had twins Ryan & Leo, one black and the other white, on July 11th, 2008 at the hospital of Lichtenberg . This chance happens only in 1 million. The mother is from Ghana and the father is from the German city of Potsdam, a suburb of Berlin.

Ryan et leo - jumeaux de couleurs noirs et blancs Ryan et leo - jumeaux de couleurs noirs et blancs 1
alg-german-twins-jpg Ryan et leo - jumeaux de couleurs noirs et blancs 3Ryan et leo - jumeaux de couleurs noirs et blancs 3

 10. Amanda and Michael Biggs, and her twins Marcia and Millie.

des jumeaux de peaux noirs et blancs 5
Amanda Biggs and her twins Millie and Marcia and their daddy

Amanda Biggs gives birth to twins Millie and Marcia at the Good Hope Hospital in Sutton Coldfield. One is black and one is white. Daddy Michael is of Jamaican descent and his wife Amanda is white.

Amazing twins Marcia (left) and Millie (right) pictured on their first marcia et milliemarcia et millie
Sisters in arms Million to one twins Marcia (left) and Millie are all set amanda et michael biggs - jumelles
le couple Amanda biggs et ses jumelles

The phenomenon is, moreover, becoming more common. There are many similar cases!  And you, would you like to have twins of different colours or children of a different colour? What do you think about it?


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