Black men: which color of polo to choose? Inspiration Chris Collins Ralph Lauren

Black men: which color of polo to choose? Inspiration Chris Collins Ralph Lauren

What colors of clothing to highlight its black skin? When you have black skin, it is not always easy to choose the color of your clothes. We are often lost before so many choices of color. And, we often choose discreet colors that do not necessarily value us.
When you have dark skin, you can wear strong and flashy colors like:

  • orange
  • red
  • yellow
  • apple green
  • purple
  • The colorful clothes with stripes are marrying very well with the dark complexion.

All colors are good with the dark complexion. But compared to polo, which color to choose?
A little reminder about polo.
Originally from India, polo is a must-have item in men’s wardrobe. It is a chic and comfortable clothing, which was adopted by British colonists, then reinvented by René Lacoste in 1926. The polo became a high unisex, with short sleeves and a collar, closed by two or three buttons. Successful, it has become popular around the world. In winter, it is best to adopt a polo with long sleeves.
To choose your polo, you have to consider:

  • the quality of the collar.
  • sleeves
  • fabric and finishes. 

Which color of polo to choose? Inspiration Chris Collins
Chris Collins is a famous black mannequin who has worked for more than 20 years with Ralph Lauren Polo brand. I think he wears the polo wonderfully and shows us with class and elegance the different polo colors that a black man can choose. Ralph Lauren is an international brand of American entrepreneur and fashion designer Ralph Lifschitz. Ralph Lauren short-sleeved polo shirts are part of men’s classic outfits. They exist in different colors.

  • photo credit : Ralph Lauren


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