Black celebrities who look alike

Black celebrities who look alike

Lookalike, brother, sister, some celebrities are so much alike that you would think they are part of the same family.

On some photos, we can confuse them, because they have the same facial features or expressions, the same haircut, the same hair color, the same nose and the same facial expressions, these resemblances are so disturbing, that we gape. In the end, we wonder, but who is who?

Everyone on the planet has a double. This is part of the mysteries of everyone’s life and genetics.
Mais, saviez-vous qu’il y a plusieurs degrés de ressemblance chez une personne :

  • Look-alikes. These are the people who look like two drops of water. They look like twins.
  • Then there are the brothers and sisters. These are people who have traits so similar that they look like members of the same family.
  • And finally, there are those who have a little air of resemblance.They have the same hairstyle, a smile or even a look in common. And here we wonder who copied from whom?

Discover above all these stars who have a very disturbing family air.

  • Didier Drogba & Asap Rocky

Didier Drogba and Asap Rocky are so much alike that one might think that they are brothers.

  • David Alaba & Tyler the Crea

David Alaba and Tyler the Crea resemble families.

  • Chris Rock & Mario

Chris Rock and Mario have the same facial features.

  • The Game & Jidenna

When we look the Game and Jidenna, we can think that they are distant cousins.

  • Keyshia Cole & K. Michelle

Even smiling, Keysha Cole and K. Michelle seem to resemble each other.

  • Wood Harris &Tyler The Creator

A great family resemblance, on this photo one can think that Wood Haris is the big brother of Tyler the Creator.


  • Rihanna & Andra Day

Rihanna and Andra Day have the same facial features and the same smile. We can imagine that they are sisters

  • Cassie & karueche Tran

Cassie and Karrueche tran could have been cousins.

  • Chandra Wilson et Alex Newell

  • Omar Epps et Mike Tomlin

Omar Epps and Mike Tomlin have a family resemblance.

  • Kofi Annan & Morgan Freeman

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