Beautiful wavy curls without heat with Curlformers

Beautiful wavy curls without heat with Curlformers

Objective: obtain beautiful wavy curls without heat.

Usually, when we want to have beautiful wavy curls, we use a heating device (curling iron) to help us achieve them. But the problem is that these devices can damage the hair by making it drier and unruly. We therefore recommend that you use techniques without heat. Today we’re going to talk about the curlformers.

What are curlformers exactly?

Curlformers are spiral curlers. That is to say, these are flat and flexible tubes in the form of a spiral wound on themselves which make it possible to obtain magnificent curls without damaging the hair.

  • In a culrformers bag, there are 30 curlers and 2 styling hooks for a quick installation of Curlformers.
  • In a package, there are 3 sizes depending on the length of the hair (long, extra-long or super-long.).
  • You can choose different styles of curls (wavy, wide spiral or tight corkscrew).

How to put culformers? Tutorial

1 / Moisten your hair.

.To start, you need to dampen your hair with a spray of water or do the culformers right out of the shower.

2 / How to put them?

Comb your hair and define the areas where you are going to put the curlers.

Then start threading wicks into the curlformers using the hook provided. Repeat the same gesture all over your head.

3 / Drying.

Let them air dry or if you want to go fast, use a hairdryer. The best thing is to do them before sleeping to let them take shape all night.

4 / How to remove them?

We remove them very easily. Just drag them along your wicks. That is to say, we press the silicone ring from the top to open it by sliding it along the lock of hair.

What are its advantages?

  • Culrformers are suitable for all hair textures, straight, curly, curly or frizzy.
    It adapts regardless of age.
  • They also work with artificial hair or wigs.
  • Waiting time 1 h.
  • Depending on the thickness of your hair, you will need 3 or more kits.

Have you ever tried curlformers? What was the result?

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