Bantu knots: 12 beautiful black women in Bantu hairstyles

Bantu knots: 12 beautiful black women in Bantu hairstyles presents Bantu knots hairstyle. It is a sensational hairstyle that has conquered the hearts of millions of people. We see it everywhere in the fashion shows and on the heads of our favorite stars. It is a typical hairstyle of the Bantu people. We all remember when our mothers were having fun hairdressing us with pretty little Bantu cabbages on our heads. But, one could not imagine that this style of hairstyle will in the future become an inescapable hairstyle.

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What is bantu knots?

Bantu Knots is a traditional hairstyle of the Bantu people. It consists of sharing the hair in small portions, then twisting and winding the hair on themselves to obtain small knots. That is to say, it is tresses wound on themselves.
This technique works on all types of hairs, regardless of the length of that hair.
Advantage :

  • It makes it possible to obtain pretty natural curls (Ref. Bantu Knot Out), without using the heating objects.
  • It can be done with our natural hair or on braid extensions.
  • It can be made on short or long hair.
  • It can be done with or without the gel.
  • But the disadvantage, the loops only last 2 to 3 days maximum.
Different appellations
 Bantu Knots Best known name
 Zulu Knots
 Matôbô  Cameroon
Ti-choux,  kaka cabris  French West Indies

Tutorial Bantu Knots
Origin & Inspiration
The origins of the Bantu Knots hairstyle come from the Bantu people. Bantu women wore this type of hairstyle for various occasions in everyday life or during traditional ceremonies.
This hairstyle has become commonplace and has become trendy. No matter what color, black or white, Bantu Knots hairstyle, of the Bantu people has conquered millions of people. I imagine the smile of the Bantu ancestors, if they knew that this magnificent headdress has gone through time.






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