African wedding: how to tie gele?


African wedding: how to tie gele?

Gele has become so popular in all African weddings that it has become internationalised. Indeed, many African women from all over Africa choose to get married with a gele or a beautiful African scarf on their head.
The word “Gele” comes from the Yoruba people in Nigeria. This scarf originated in West Africa. It is a beautiful long African scarf that African women wear as a head ornament.
The colours, the fabric (aso eko, sego ipele, headtie or others) are dreamy and sublimate the beauty of the woman who wears it. The “Gele” alone makes it possible to identify the social status of a person through the way it is tied.

Step by step tutorial on how to wear gele

Our goal is this (photo below). 
photo credit: mysikina 

      • 1) Don’t forget to tie your hair up before you start, well back if possible. Do not tie the gele with fringes or with your hair in the front.


  • 2) Divide the gele into two equal halves.


  • 3) Fold the edge of the gele.


  • 4) Place it on the forehead and over both ears towards the front. Put it on the head making sure it is firm and flat in front. Squeeze it tightly behind so that it does not fall off.


  • 5) Cross the gele at the back.


  • 6) Stop in the middle of your forehead.


  • 7) Take from the middle of the width. 

      • 8) Do the same on the other side.


  • 9) Then tie it off. You grab one end, then the other and tie a knot.  (twice if necessary)

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  • 10) Depending on the style, adjust to your taste.


  • 11) Use pliers or pins if necessary. And we’re done!


  • 12) Quick step-by-step summary.


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