African fashion: Capsule Makoko collection by Autumn Adeigbo

African fashion: Capsule Makoko collection by Autumn Adeigbo presents the fashion collection “capsule Makoko” by Autumn Adeigbo. This beautiful collection is made with colored printed fabrics in West Africa and traditional African techniques to bring an elegant and chic touch to the women who wear it.
Stylist Autum Adeigbo says on his blo

 My whole family is Nigerian and I saw at a very young age what is African aesthetics. I wanted to create a line of this kind of always high-quality African clothing in chic, modern and fresh silhouettes. We go a little further by buying and producing on the African continent. »

In August 2014, in New York, Autumn Adeigbo, traveled to Cape Coast, Ghana, and was surrounded by a team of 8 women talented for its new line. The line offers these women adequate training to have a sustainable profession and an income that allows them to live a better life and make positive choices in their lives.

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