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Located in Southern Africa, Namibia is a beautiful country that makes many tourists from all over the world dream. With red sand dunes, lunar plains, mountains with blue or purple colors, the magic of sunsets and the presence of wild animals, Namibia is a dream destination to visit in any emergency. But, tell me, what are beautiful places of Namibia? Where to go and what to visit?

9 Best Places to Visit in Namibia | Namibia travel

1. Namib Desert

Le désert du Namib vu du ciel 2

Namib is a desert with ocher colors and high dunes. Namib Desert (Namibia) is one of the most beautiful deserts in the world. It dates back more than 80 million years and is one of the oldest on the planet. The dunes of the Namib Desert are mobile in contrast to the Kalahari Desert. Winds move and carve the dunes. The dunes rise more than 375 meters above the Tsauchab River. These are the highest dunes in the world.
In the Namib desert, there is the Sossusvlei, which is a desert of salt and clay. The dunes of Sossusvlei are known for these high sand dunes of red sand. The area is fed by the river Tsauchab. At the foot of the dunes are the Vlei, which are flat stretches rarely filled with water. The most famous of the flat expanses is the Dead Vlei. The Dead Vlei is a white clay basin and the most visited tourist spot in Namibia, with these dead trees below. Dead Vlei means “the dead swamp.”
What are the different activities to do?

  • Hiking in the Namib Desert.
  • Walk on the red sand dunes.

 2. Namib-Naukluft National Park

Le parc national de Namib-Naukluf 8
Immense nature reserve, Namib-Naukluft National Park is a breathtaking place to visit with its red sand dunes, deserts to lunar landscapes and wild animals. The park encompasses part of Namib Desert and the Naukluft Mountain Range. This park is one of the biggest reserves of Africa with an extension over 50 000 km ².
What are the different activities to do?

  • Visit the park.
  • Discovery of wild animals.

 3. Kalahari desert

le desert du kalahari 4
Kalahari Desert covers a large part of Botswana and extends to Namibia and South Africa with an area of about 900,000 km². It is a very dry region. Indeed, Kalahari covers seven African countries (Botswana, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Angola and Congo). This desert is characterized by an immense basin of sandy sediments of 1.2 million km². In this desert, there are trees, magnificent dunes, great rivers and gigantic reserves and natural parks. In Kalahari, there is the last Stone Age people in the world “the Bushmen of the San tribe”, who have lived there for more than 20,000 years. In addition, tourists will be very happy to visit the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, which remains the favorite destination for its wildlife, flora and landscapes. The reserve is very large and covers about 52,000 km².

What are the different activities to do?

  • Survival hike in the beautiful Kalahari Desert
  • Visit the Central Kalahari Game Reserve Nature Reserve
  • Discover different species of animals (lions, elephants, crocodiles, onyxes, hyenas, etc.)
  • PS: To get there, travelers must be equipped with a 4 * 4, compass and a good supply of gas.

 4. Damaraland

le Damaraland 5
With its arid landscapes of exceptional beauty, wildlife and surprising flora, the Damaraland is a must visit in Namibia. Before, Damaraland was a territory reserved for the ethnic Damaras. It is an arid region where alpine hills and savannah alternate. With beautiful landscapes, cave paintings and wild animals, the Damaraland is the place to visit. For wildlife, one can see zebras, oryxes, giraffes, etc. As for the fauna, it is rich and varied with aloes, pachypodium, etc.
le Damaraland 9
What are the different activities to do?

  • Going to meet the Damara people
  • Hiking in 4 * 4 in the mountains of Damaraland
  • Visit the petroglyphs of the sites of Brandberg and Twyfelfontein (archaeological sites).
  • Visit the rock carvings of the first Bushmen.

 5. Skeleton coast 

La skeletoncoast - les cotes de squelettes
Skeleton coast is a protected area. It designates the entire dunes between Swakopmund and the Kunene River. The coast of the skeletons owes its name to the many ships that have been wrecked along the shores. You can see desert elephants, black rhinoceros, zebras, oryxes, etc. Wild coastline, sandy winds, thick fogs, the hostile side of Skeleton Coast attracts many visitors.
What are the different activities to do?
skeleton coqst - les cotes des squelettes 1

  • The reserve of Cap Cross. The Cap Cross sea lion reserve is a great opportunity to observe this animal on the beach or in the water. More than 80,000 sea lions are sprawled on rocks and sand in a marine atmosphere. It is open from 10 am to 5 pm
    The discovery of wrecks stranded on the ocean front.
  • Hiking in the river Ugab.
  • Fishing.
  • Visit the National West Coast Recreation Area
  • Visit Skeleton Coast Park
  • Visit Skeleton Coast Wilderness
  • Swakopmund is a city to discover with its German architecture.
  • Observe lions and elephants etc.

  6.  Etosha National Park
Le Parc national d'Etosha 9
400 km from Windhoek, there is the large nature reserve of Etosha. With an area of 22,275 km², the park is home to more than 100 species of mammals, several dozen birds. This park is one of the main sanctuaries of African wildlife. It was in 1907 that it was proclaimed a national reserve. Etosha Pan is the heart of the park. It is a large basin of about 5000 km². The trees of Moringa Ovalifolia can be seen occupying the place of the haunted forest. It is also one of the largest game reserves in Namibia and Southern Africa.
Quelles sont les différentes activités à faire ?
Le Parc national d'Etosha 7

  • Visit Etosha National Park.
  • Visit of Etosha Pan which is the heart of the park.
  • Discover the different species of animals in the park.
  • Visit of Namutoni camp or German fortress.

 7. Kaokoland
kaokaland 1
In the north-west of Namibia, on the border with Angola, there is Kaokaland. Constituted from the north of the Namib Desert, Kaokaland is a desert or semi-desert territory. Its relief is formed of small mountain chains with an altitude of 1400 meters. It is an arid and wild region with its rivers, wildlife and flora. So, it is a real nature reserve in the wild. In the 16th century, the Kaokaland was created for the Himbas, Hereros who were driven out of their land.
What are the different activities to do?
Kaokoland 9

  • Discover the rich and varied fauna
  • Going to meet the Himbas people
  • Make 4 * 4 trips in Kaokaland.
 8. Seaside Resort of Swakopmund

The city of Swakopmund is a seaside resort of Namibia. It is located on the Atlantic coast. In 1892 it was founded by the German settlers and had about 42,000 inhabitants. Many European and South African tourists go to Swakopmund, because it is the seaside resort par excellence. Its Germanic architecture, its beaches give it a certain charm.
swakopmund 2

 9. Windhoek
windhoek 4
Windhoek is located in the center at 1700 meters above sea level. It is the capital of Namibia. It is the largest city in the country with its political, cultural and economic center. Around 1844, the city was founded by Jonker Afrikaner.
Windhoek 6

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