84 years of Marriage: Norman and Norma Burmah an inseparable couple


84 years of Marriage: Norman and Norma Burmah an inseparable couple

An inseparable couple in life, as in business

During a live performance by Louis Armstrong at the Roof Garden Dance Hall during the song “What a wonderful world”, Norman and Norma Burmah are introduced to each other by a close friend. The song “What a worderful world” perfectly sums up the love story that Norman and Burmah will experience.
The thunderbolt is immediate and the two lovebirds become inseparable. As a matter of fact, they were married on 26 January 1931 and lived in New Orleans.
Nicknamed “Maw” and “Paw”, by their respective families and friends, lovers decided to open a private catering company, inspired by their Creole heritage, to provide for their existence. Blessed, they have 2 children, 6 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.
Norman and Norma are Catholic and pray a lot. They begin each day in prayer. God is central to their daily lives.
At age 92, Norman was still alive and mounted his first jet ski. He did not hesitate, as soon as he had the opportunity to drive his car until the age of 97 years. He loves football, television games, politics and love old movies.
On the other hand, his wife Norma explains that she is a young person of 98. She never led in her life. And she never ceases to proclaim her love for festivals and travels, especially “France. “
In 2005, the couple must leave New Orleans, as Hurricane Katrina decimated their neighborhood and their family home. After losing everything, they moved and went to live in Marksville, to be near their daughter.
At 97, Norman bought their new home. Despite their advanced age, they still live very independently. His wife Norma continues to cook small dishes for her beloved husband. But they also benefit from the help of their family members.
Their granddaughter Glenda explains:

We knew our grandparents were the longest married couples in Louisiana and were pretty sure they were part of the longest African American couple in the US but the fact that they could be the longest couple still in Life of the country is simply phenomenal

She adds:

 We see them as our national treasure. »

  • Length of marriage: 84 years. They are respectively 104 and 101 years old. They got married in the United States.
  • Their births: Norman Burmah was born in 1911 and his wife was born in 1914.
  • Survived: Together, they survived the Great Depression, World War II and Hurricane Katrina.
  • Meet: their meeting at the Roof Garden Dance Hall of New Orleans during a live performance by Louis Armstrong, at their wedding soon after.
  • Plus: they were distinguished as the longest married couple in Louisiana.
  • Married: 26 January 1931
  • Children: 2 (two girls). One of their daughters died.
  • Grandchildren: 6
  • Great grandchildren: 10

            Tips on marriage:

  • Believing in God has allowed them to stay together for all these years. Norma, declares: “To tell you the truth, we are believers and we do not believe in divorce and separation. That’s a reason.”
  • For Norman, maintaining a marriage is not easy. For him, it takes love, attention and patience. He points out that all the days of his life he only respected the promise of marriage that he made before God.
  • For him: “The family is precious. It takes a father, a mother and children. “
  • He also said that it is very difficult to give young people advice on marriage because the women of the new generation have become so independent and the young people are not always willing to work very hard to get results.
  • For him, young couples begin a marriage. Then tomorrow they change their minds. Norman said to them: “Give your marriage a chance and you will see that it is worth it. “

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