6 most beautiful wives of Cameroonian footballers


6 most beautiful wives of Cameroonian footballers

Beautiful, intelligent, dedicated, women footballers are the cornerstone of their home. Often unknown to the general public, women champions must know how to adapt to all situations. They must manage their families, look after their husbands and raise their children. Overnight, they can leave everything to follow their companion at the end of the world, if they change clubs. Their lives are at 100 per hour. Living with a famous man is not easy, because in some cases they have to face the scandals of their husbands. But, the hardest part is to build yourself and develop your own career, when you share your life with a famous sportsman.

Afroculture.net presents you with a list of the most beautiful wags of Cameroonian football.


  • Virginia Zoua

  • Husband: Cameroonian footballer Jacques Zoua
  • Origin: Cameroonian
  • 3 Children

Virginia Diamant is a very pretty wag of the African footballer. Former employee of the Cameroonian airline Camer-co, she is married to Jacques Zoua. Passionate about make-up and beauty, Virginia founded her “Diamond Makeup” business in France. Through social networks, especially her YouTube channel, she shares beauty tutorials and also organizes master class masters in Cameroon.

  • Georgette Eto’o

  • Husband: Cameroonian footballer Samuel Eto’o
  • Wedding : November 24, 2014 officially in Italy. Then, on June 14, 2016, they do religious wedding.
  • Origin: Ivorian
  • 3 children. (2 children with Samuel) and Georgette had another child from a previous relationship.

Strong, mature and courageous, Georgette Tra Lou is the wife of Cameroonian legend Samuel Eto’o. Before meeting her husband, Georgette was responsible for a hair salon in Nantes.
After 14 years of relationships and some scandals, Georgette stayed close to Samuel in the good and the worst moments. Sage and ambitious, she created a luxury boutique in Abidjan and Milan.
In addition, in everyday life, Georgette devotes herself fully to her children and her husband. She had two children with Samuel and a senior daughter from a previous relationship. In 2016, Samuel and Georgette had a wonderful wedding in Italy.

  • Olivia Song

  • Husband: Cameroonian footballer Alexandre Song
  • Marriage: November 14, 2006
  • Origin: Cameroonian
  • 2 Children : Nolan & Kaylian Song

Shy and clever, Olivia Song is beautiful  wife of Cameroonian footballer Alexandre Song. Together for 11 years, they have two gorgeous children. Fashion fan and entrepreneur, in 2012, she launched a ready-to-wear boutique in Yaoundé, Cameroon, named “Next”, then renamed “Olivia S.” Very elegant couples, Olivia and Alexandre are two fashionistas, who love to match their outfits.  

  • Olivia Mbia

  • Husband: Cameroonian footballer Stéphane Mbia
  • Origin: Cameroonian
  • Wedding: May 2011 in Marseille, France
  • Children: 2 children (Kassandra and Cesar Jayden)

Simple, discreet and determined, Olivia Kwemo is the daughter of Mayor Pierre Kwemo of Bafang. She is also the wife of Cameroon international footballer Stéphane Mbia. Entrepreneur, Olivia is a stylist. In 2014, she decided to launch a men’s clothing line called KM & B (Kwems = Kwemo Mbia Baculus), whose profits will be donated to orphanages. At the Firma in Spain, she runs for her clothing brand. She opens her first store in London, England. And, in the future, it wants to open more shops in Cameroon, Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Gabon, Kinshasa, Ivory Coast and both Congo.
Olivia is on all fronts at the career level and also cares for her 2 children and her husband. Generous, she also takes the time to help orphans.

  • Leonie Chedjou

  • Husband: the Cameroonian footballer Aurélien Chedjou
  • Wedding: 2015
  • 2 Child: Aurène and Cassius.

The pretty Leonie Chedjou is the discreet woman of the international footballer Aurélien Chedjou. The beautiful couple has a daughter, whose name is Aurène. But Aurélien also has a boy, Cassius, from a previous relationship.
A woman with a big heart, Léonie Chedjou is the founding president of the Association for the Young Girls-Mothers of Cameroon (AJFMC). Since 2013, the Association AJFMC aims to raise awareness and educate young mothers – mothers. For example, he is involved in the fight against early pregnancy, through awareness campaigns and the social reintegration of the young mother-daughter.

  • Nevin Choupo-Moting

  • Husband: Cameroonian footballer Eric Choupo-Moting
  • Marriage : 2013
  • 1 child : Liam

German origin, Nevin is the beautiful wife of the Cameroonian international footballer Eric Choupo-Moting. In love, they have a child named Liam.

Wives of footballers have learned to support their companions, to celebrate their success and to empathize with their failures. For every man, support, care of his wife are very important. As the saying goes: “Behind a man, hides a woman. » 


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