6 Amber Rose’s Sexy Looks with sunglasses


6 Amber Rose’s Sexy Looks with sunglasses

Who said we could not be hot with glasses? Amber Rose proves that it is possible to be sexy and sublime with glasses. The Geek-Chic look with glasses is one of the new trends of celebrities. Even if they do not have problems of views. She turns glasses into a must-have fashion accessory. Available in a multitude of shapes and shades, eyeglasses are an asset of the female, because they allow a multitude of looks.

Do not forget to choose a frame that is based on your personal style and that adapts well to what you release and especially to your needs.

Amber Rose also created and launched her own collection of clothing and accessories. You can see them on his website http://muvaclothing.com/

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  • Photo credit : Amber Rose

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