4 benefits of garlic for hair growth


4 benefits of garlic for hair growth

Rich in sulfur, zinc and vitamins B and C, garlic stimulates hair growth.

  • 1 / Promotes and stimulates hair growth.

Zinc and copper in garlic help stimulate hair growth. To stimulate hair growth well, massage the scalp and drink lots of water.

  • 2 / Prevents hair loss.

With its high levels of allicin, garlic prevents hair loss by stimulating regrowth. 

How to do ?

  • 1 / Macerate a chopped garlic clove + olive oil.
  • 2 / Apply it to your hair 1 to 2 times a week.
  • 3 / Wash your hair well to get rid of the smell.

Other method

  • Rub the chopped garlic cloves directly onto your scalp over the area where you need it.
  • Let it sit overnight.
  • Then rinse your hair.
  • 3 / Improves the health of the scalp

Rich in vitamin C, iron, selenium, garlic is good for hair health.

  •  Vitamin C is used for the synthesis of collagen. It supports the hair follicles while maintaining the scalp. In addition, it increases the absorption of iron from food. And iron carries oxygen to the hair.
  • Secondly, selenium improves the circulation of the scalp and regenerates hair growth.
  • With its anti-bacterial properties, garlic reduces dandruff and cleanses the scalp.

  • 4 / Prevents graying of hair.

Garlic contains copper and zinc. It helps prevent hair wrestling and prevents graying of hair.


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