360 waves for black men | Waves hairstyle


360 waves for black men | Waves hairstyle

Wave hairstyle is a elegant hairstyle that consists of giving the impression of waves in the hair. This produces a spiral around the head. Nicknamed “wave” or “waves 360“, this hairstyle has been made very popular by rapper Nelly. This style is suitable for black and mestizo men.

How to realize it?


  • a cloth,
  • a hard-bristled brush
  • a soft-bristled brush
  • a Du-rag
  • an ointment for wave
  • a hair moisturizer
  • A shampoo or conditioner.

Good to know

  • To get this style, you must have a certain length of hair. (1 to 2 cm of hair)
  • This hairstyle is preferably done on frizzy type hair.
  • The key and success of this hairstyle consist in a hair brushing.
  • Be very patient and persevering to see waves, because everything depends on the texture and thickness of vox hair. They can put 2 weeks to 2 months to appear.

Step by step to make waves

  • Start by washing your hair. Then dry them keeping them a little wet.
  • Apply a wave ointment to wet hair. The ointment will be useful to fix permanently and shine the hair.
  • Grab your brush and start brushing in hair’s direction to create waves. For 10 minutes maximum.

  • When your hairstyle is ready. Protect there by wearing a Du-rag. After an hour, remove the du-rag and observe the result. Many men like to clean the edges that protrude with an adhesive tape and a weak fade.


Hydration is important, you must drink a lot of water, because it favors waves’s arrival.

Use a soft-bristled brush as soon as your waves appear.

Avoid brushing your hair under the water every morning. It takes one or two shampoos a week. Because the enemy of the waves is the water.

At the hairdresser, ask him a ceasar cut of 2 or 3 cm and especially that cuts from the crown to the sides so that it does not destroy all your work

To sleep, wear a du-rag.


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