17 things you didn’t know about Samuel Eto’o


17 things you didn’t know about Samuel Eto’o

Who does not know the Cameroonian footballer Samuel Eto’o? Round star, African legend Samuel Eto’o is one of the most emblematic and charismatic footballers on the African continent. His exploits and his private life are relayed by all local and international magazines. His love affair and his marriage to his wife Georgette touched the hearts of millions of people.
Talented, temperamental, Samuel made a name for himself during his years in Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan and Chelsea. A true symbol, he played an important role with the National Team of Indomitable Lions. Hope, talent, perseverance, he inspires many young African footballers, who dreams of becoming the new Eto’o Son.

  1. Samuel was nicknamed the “little Milla” when he was young

During his childhood, he was nicknamed the “little Milla” in reference to Roger Milla.

  1. Eto’o lived in France illegally for 9 months.

Due to lack of documentation and proper identification, Samuel Eto’o remained in France 9 months illegally. No French club wanted to take it for its reasons.
Instead, he became a member of Real Madrid’s youth academy in 1997, although he barely played for them and was loaned to multiple clubs in the late 1990s.

  1. At the beginning of his football career, he earned just $ 200 a week.

Patience and perseverance are a real strength in life. At the beginning of his career, Eto’o earned just $ 200 to feed his family. Thanks to his work, he wins today. $ 26.8 million a year.

  1. Eto’o has two brothers, David and Etienne who are also footballers

His brother David played for FC Koper in Slovenia. In 2016, he went to Turkey to test his career. On the other hand his brother Etienne to play Mallorca, before going to Nastic de Tarragona. He was in Austrian D2 at FC Lustenau.

  1. Eto’o’s father was an accountant.

When his dad lost his job, his mother was forced to sell fish to raise her 6 children.

  1. He married his childhood love Georgette Tra Lou in July 2014

 With his wife Georgette, they have three children together: Maelle, Lynn and Siena.

  1. He is a dad of 5 children (4 girls and a boy)
  • Maëlle, Lynn and Siena Eto’o (with his wife Georgette Tra Lou)
  • Etienne Eo’o (mother Marian Pineda)
  • Annie Eto’o (mom Anna Baranca)


  1. He is a generous man who created the Samuel Eto’o Foundation

In order to help African youth, he created the Samuel Eto’o Foundation in March 2006.
Their goal is to encourage young people to continue their studies. The foundation promotes education, but also provides health care and social integration for these young people. Since 2008, the association offers scholarships to the 80 best students of the University of Yaoundé.

  1. With his foundation, he created football schools in Africa

Eto’o has built football schools in Africa to allow young players to access top football academies. More specifically, in Gabon, Nairobi and Kenya. For him, it’s a way of restoring the chance that life has brought him.
“I want to return to Africa what Africa gives me, my chance to play football …” he said.
Fabrice Ondoa, voted best goalkeeper of the CAN 2017 and Christian Bassogog, best player of the tournament, were trained at the Eto’o Foundation in 2005 in Cameroon.

  1. He launched his own international fashion brand

In 2015, Eto’o created its own men’s clothing brand called ‘Samuel Eto’o 9’ that produces high-end shirts, hats and sneakers. The clothes are designed and made in Turkey, with the Cameroonian designer Gabriel Pascal Nyemeg Nlend.

  1. He has his own telephone operator in Cameroon

In December 2011, he founded in Cameroon his own mobile operator named Set Mobile. But this project did not work well because it did not fully control this area of ​​activity.

  1. He is one of three players who played for Real Madrid, Barcelona and Inter Milan.

The other two players before him are Luis Figo and the Brazilian legend Ronaldo.

  1. Eto’o won the African Player of the Year Award 4 times (2003, 2004, 2005 and 2010)

He was also the third FIFA World Player finalist in 2005. He was a member of the 2000 Cameroonian Olympic gold medal team and was twice a champion of the African Cup. He is the top scorer of Cameroon.

  • Top scorer in Cameroon’s history with 56 goals
  • Top scorer in the history of the African Cup of Nations with 18 goals (record previously held by Ivorian Laurent Pokou with 14 goals)
  • Top scorer in the history of RCD Mallorca with 70 goals
  • 4th scorer in FC Barcelona history (tied with Rivaldo) with 130 goals behind Lionel Messi, César Rodríguez and Ladislao Kubala
  • 15th best scorer in the Spanish league with 161 goals.


  1. Eto’o has often faced racism

The attacker has been touched by racism at various times throughout his career. In 2005, during a meeting with Real Zaragoza, the fans of the opposing team made cries of monkeys every time that Eto’o had the ball. Brave, he did not stop fighting against racism in football stadiums. For his work against racism in football, Eto’o received the ECTR Tolerance Medal in 2015.

  1. He spent $ 1.3 million to buy watches for the Cameroon national team at the 2010 World Cup.


  1. Samuel Eto’o paid rapper Rohff’s bail

Samuel Eto’o has made numerous appearances in rap videos. When rapper Rohff was incarcerated for acts of violence. Samuel Eto’o went to help his friend by paying his deposit.

  1. Eto’o comics scriptwriter

Samuel Eto’o wrote the script of 9 comics dedicated to his life.

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