15 famous black men with tattoos


Tattooing has become a real fashion phenomenon.. 

15 famous black men with tattoos

 Djibril cisse-tattoo-tatouageWhatever the gender, the age, the tattoo has won everyone’s heart. discreet tattoo or tattoo on the body. Everyone has his style, personality and color. Afro Culture present you in this article “15 famous black men with tattoos.” Rappers, actors, singers, tattooing has become an essential weapon in show business.

tupac tattoo-back
Tupac Tattoo Tupac-tattoo back

2. 50 Cent
50 cent tattoos- tatouage 50-cent-tattoos-tatouage
3. Dwayne johnson “the rock”
Dwayne Johnson_the rock_tattoos_tatouage dwayne_johnson_the rock_tattoos_tatouage
4. Dennis Rodman
dennis-rodman-tattoos-tatouage Dennis rodman-tattoos-tatouage
5. Rick Ross
Rick Ross tattoos-tatouage Rick ross-tatoo-tatouage

6. Tyson
mike_tyson_tattoos-tatouage mike-tyson-tattoos-tatouage
tattoo_mike_tyson_tattoos Myke Tyson-tattoos-tatouage
7. Wiz khalifa
wiz-khalifa-tattoos-tatouage wiz khalifa-tattoos-tatouage
  Djibril Cisse
Djibril Cissé-tattoos-tatouage Djibril cisse-tattoos-tatouage

8. The game
The game-tattoos-tatouage The-Game-Tattoos-tatouage
  9. Nelly
nelly tattoos-tatouage nelly tattoos-tatouage
10. Chris Brown
Chris-Brown-tattoos-tatouage Chris Brown-tattoos-tatouage Chris-Brown-tattoos-tatouage
  11. Willie Northpole
  12. Allen Iverson
Allen Iverson tattoo- tatouage Allen Iverson -tattoos- tatouage
 13. Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne-tattoos-tatouage lil-Wayne-tattoos back-tatouage
 14. Llyod Banks
15. Flo Rida
 Florida tattoos-tatouage  Flo Rida-tattoos
16. Scrappy
 Scrappy-tattoos-tatouage  black_tattoo

What is your favorite tattoo?


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