14 stylish men with short dreadlocks


14 stylish men with short dreadlocks

A must-have hairstyle, dreadlocks are a bold haircut that brings style to the wearer. Much more than just a hairstyle, it is part of an art and a philosophy of life.

Dreads are strands of hair, which tangle and form on their own if the hair grows naturally. They take shape when the hair is not cut or brushed. Gradually, it begins to twist and become dreadlocks.

Historically, this ancestral hairstyle can be found in Africa, Asia, Jamaica (Rastafari movement) and among the Germanic Greek, Celtic, Viking and Mexican peoples. This atypical haircut is mentioned in the Bible and has been seen on mummies in Egypt.

What are the advantages of this hairstyle?

  • It’s a bold and stylish hairstyle.
  • It’s an ancestral haircut.
  • It can last a lifetime, but requires good maintenance.
  • They can be adopted by all hair types (frizzy, wavy, curly, straight).
  • There are different sizes of dreads. Long, medium, short, you can adapt them to your liking.
  • Moreover, you can color them to bring a unique style to your hairstyle.

If you are looking for ideas for short and stylish dreadlocks, Afroculture.net invites you to get inspired by the different hairstyles below. Protective and natural hairstyle, your dreads will affirm your look and personality.

Short dreadlocks + shaved sides

Stylish blond dreads + carefully shaved sides

Short dreadlocks in plaited braids

Cool red dreads

Blond Dreadlocks

Short dreads

Short dreadlocks + tip of blond hair.

Short dreadlocks on the side + two lines on the side

Ombre dreads

Natural bohemian dreads

Short dreads on the side

Mohawk Dreads 

Short dreadlocks + colored tips

Stylish short dreads


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