11 Things To Know About Judo Champion Teddy Riner


11 Things To Know About Judo Champion Teddy Riner

  • 1/ In 2007, at only 18, Teddy Riner is the youngest male champion in the heavyweight category.

  • 2/ He studied at Sciences Po from 2011 to 2015, thanks to the program dedicated to the athletes, with a layout of timetables.

  • 3/ Teddy Riner was born on April 7, 1989 in the Abymes in Guadeloupe.

  • 4/ He holds the record of nine World Championship titles

He is Olympic champion in London in 2012 and in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, bronze medalist in Beijing in 2008, five times European champion. What makes him the most titled judoka in history.

  • 5/In 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, he was the flag bearer of the French team at the Olympic Games.
Teddy Riner


  • 6/With 131 pounds for 2.04 m, he broke his bed twice. 

Teddy shared his misadventure on social networks in a video full of humor:

Hi everyone, it’s 11:49 pm, I just turned on the light, because once again, I was a victim of my weight. My bed broke, the laths dropped again

  • 7/ His family is his whole life. He is engaged to lovely Luthna Plocus for 3 years. 

He met her in 2010

When I get out of training, I confess that I go home and find my wife and son, and I look forward to sharing my evenings with them. Is not always possible with my travels and my competitions.These little moments build a man, a hearth.This is also what constitutes happiness, quite simply, “he confided to Paris Match

  • 8/He is a young boy’s dad. 

With his companion Luthna, they have a child named Eden born in 2014.

I am a victim in front of my son … he told Paris Match magazine in April. If he says “no”, I bow! It is very difficult for me to go to bed at night, because I can not bear to see him cry. I’m a daddy cake and gaga. My wife is more strict, she has the bad part. But at the moment I am improving, I try to regain the upper hand … 

  • 9/ He is very close to his mother. 

In 2015, he entrusted Paris Match:

the only person I fear, it is my mother, not the other competitors”.

Marie-Pierre Riner encourages her son always. Teddy admits gratefully to her mother “I love you”, more than once a week. A recognition that is illustrated with the one that made him grow, in the advertising campaign of his partner, Procter & Gamble (Ariel, Pampers, Head & Shoulders …) intutulate #MerciMaman.

  • 10/He’s a real titan. Teddy Riner has lifted 230 kilos to the developed-couch … in tap

  • 11/On the other hand, our athlete has snake phobia. 

He argued with the team at Fort Boyard because they had snakes.

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