11 best makeup brands for black women


11 best makeup brands for black women
There are brands of makeup very popular at black and mixed women. Many black celebrities are often the aegis of these brands of makeup, which seduce you day by day.
Very often, women of color struggle to find the right products that harmonize well with their skins rich in melanin. Indeed, the black and mestizo beauties need make-up adapted to their skins.
Lipsticks with high pigmentation, creamy redness, foundation, correctors, these brands give you many choices to sublimate you.
See below the 11 best make-up brands for dark and mixed skin tones:

  • 1/ Lancôme.

With beautiful Lupita Nyong’o, as ambassador, Lancôme knew how to seduce women from all horizons. The brand has created products to embellish the beauty of black and mixed skins.

  • 2/ Mac

With its bright colors, high pigments, wide choice and wide range of colors, MAC has positioned itself well in the black beauty industry. He was one of the first to create a more diversified shade range. Most of its products are suitable for shades of dark and crossbred skins. Mac Lipsticks are very popular among black and mestizo women, because of its quality, durability and texture.

  • 3/ Black up

Founded by an African American makeup artist, Black Up is the very first luxury beauty brand created for women of color and has just received the Sephora approval label. Black Up products claim to improve the darker tones of the skin, instead of just matching them.
Brand’s standout products include its Contouring Stick ($ 42), which comes in five deep shades, and its Lipstick ($ 23) and Blush ($ 27), both of which are great pigmented. These products adapt perfectly to dark and mixed complexion.

  • 4/ Black Opal

Founded in New York in 1994, Black Opal is recommended for beauty care of women of color. Very popular, they launched a line of makeup. Lipsticks, concealer, foundation, luxury cream, they never cease to dazzle the black beauty industry.

  • 5/ Iman Cosmetics

Who does not knowamazing supermodel Iman? With its company, Iman Cosmetics, the brand offers a range of more than 60 skin tones to make up all black and mixed skins. The products are really good and good quality.

  • 6/Urban Decay

Urban Decay is like Andy Warhol’s makeup lines. Known for its bold color palettes, the company has been producing high-performance products for more than 15 years. But many women of color tend to turn away from bold colors for fear that these looks do not compliment their darker hues.
Among the best shades of lipstick for dark skin include: Urban Decays Gash in creamy blue with violet reflections.

  • 7/ Nars

Similar to MAC, Nars is widely known and loved for its wide range of shades and formulas. It is a favorite brand of artistic make-up since its creation. The foundations of the brand are appealing to women of color because they offer a wide range of products.

  • 8/ Fashion Fair

Taking ethnic tints into account, Fashion Fair offers a wide range of beauty products for black and mixed women. Colorful, vibrant, fun, her collection of lipstick will please you.

  • 9/Becca Cosmetics  

Becca Cosmetics can not specifically respond to dark skin tones, but its wide range of primers, foundations and highlighters are certainly made with them in mind. Women especially love the Foundation Foundation Proof Ever-Matte ($ 42), which comes in deep shades and has most beautifully finished matt and natural.

  • 10/ Make Up For Ever

Make up for ever is renowned among many make-up artists, for its silky formulas, its color gain, its unexpected finishes. Make up for ever offers a range of 40 shades that offer an airbrush finish for all skin tones.

  • 11/ Cover FX

Cover FX is a more recent brand, created with the intention of delivering a natural look for all skin tones.
We can also mention other brands, which are positioned in the black industry market like l’oréal, Dior, etc.

What are your favorite makeup brands?

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