10 Wedding Hair Accessories for Black Women | Bridal Hair Accessories


10 Wedding Hair Accessories for Black Women | Bridal Hair Accessories

D-Day is fast approaching. And your hair must be impeccable. They must harmonize perfectly with your dress and sublimate your beauty. There are a thousand and one bridal hairstyles. And, you can put some pepper and peps to your hair using stylish, romantic and sophisticated accessories. But, what accessories to wear in a bridal hairstyle?
A suitable accessory can leave your hairstyle even more beautiful, charming and luxurious. Some brides wear jewelry to complement your hairstyle, often a family jewel that passes from generation to generation and that has a sentimental and traditional connotation.
Jewelry or not, there are wonderful accessories that you can use to sublimate the bride: crowns, tiaras, headbands, tiara, flowers, veils, etc.

  • 1) Barrettes

In the bridal headdress, barrettes are almost always found.It’s a small decorative clasp of hair comb.

  • 2) Gele

Gele is a beautiful African scarf from Nigeria that African women use to adorn their hair. It is a must-have accessory for traditional wedding.

  • 3) Floral crown

The crown of flowers accessorizes the bride’s hairstyle.

  • 4) Coral jewelry

At an edo African wedding, women adorn their hair and their necks with gorgeous coral wedding jewelry.

  • 5) Veil

Wedding veil is a romantic accessory, which is fixed in the bride’s hairstyle through a comb. You can wear a short veil up to the waist level or a long veil like a princess.

  • 6) Birdcage Veil

Birdcage veil is a transparent veil, made of tulle or lace, that the women put on the edge of their hats and cover their eyes or part of their faces.

  • 7) Bridal Side Comb or Clip

Bridal hair Comb is a capillary trim that fits easily on the head.

  • 8) Headband

Headband is a new hairdressing accessory that loves brides.
It’s a band worn around the head. It can be thick or thin, and made of fabric or metal.

  • 9) Flowers

You can decorate bride’s hairstyle with real or fake flowers.
You can use one, two or many flowers in your bridal’s hairstyle.

  • 10) Sparkly Tiara

Tiara is a kind of crown, which is worn on the head. It is worn by women around their heads or on the forehead like a diadem. This is a semicircular jeweled hair piece.

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