10 men’s wedding suits for black men

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10 men’s wedding suits for black men

he day of your wedding arrives. And, you are extremely stressed. All eyes and objectives will be fixed on you, and you must not make mistakes. Elegance is de rigueur and you must choose a wedding suit that fits perfectly with your body, your personality and your skin color. And yes, for this special day, you are the prince charming of your wife. So, take some time to think about your groom suit. But several questions are mixed in your head. How should I dress for my wedding? Which costume to choose when one is black or half-breed? Which color will make me better complexion? How to be matched to my beautiful? Should I favor a three-piece suit, two-piece suit, a tuxedo, a jacket or a tailcoat suit, etc.? Which are the errors to avoid ? We will answer your question point by point.
First of all, it must be pointed out that the body and physique of a black and half-breed man is not the same as a Caucasian man. It is very difficult in our society to be represented because we are visible minorities. So, I hope this article will enlighten you in your final choice.

How should I dress on my wedding day? Which costume to choose?

First of all, the day of your wedding, you must be careful and very elegant. Logically, we only get married once, so you have to take the time to put on your best suit.
1st choice) A 3-piece suit (to be preferred for your wedding).
A three-piece suit is a complete suit, which consists of:

  • a jacket 
  • pants
  • and a vest, but also usually a shirt.

Usually, this costume is accessorized with a tie and a matching pouch.
A three-piece suit is the favorite attire of the bride and groom. It is suitable for all styles of men.
2nd choice) A 2-piece suit, less formal.
Unlike the tailed or 3-piece suit, a 2-piece suit is less formal.
It is simply constituted:

  • a jacket 
  • and pants.

This elegant outfit is accompanied by a beautiful shirt, a bow tie or a very pretty tie.
It can also be accessorized with a floral arrangement, a buttonhole + tie clip.
Recommended colors are the gray suit and the white shirt for a successful wedding. This is the ideal outfit because it goes with the different colors of hair and skin. No risk of being wrong!
3rd choice) The morning coat or lounge suit (traditional suit)
The morning coat or lounge suit is a traditional suit. It is a suit for men, adjusted at the waist, long rounded open front (which differs from the frock coat), worn with a jacket, pants and with a vest. This traditional dress is now worn only in official ceremonies and some social events. It closes with a single button and has a slit in the back with two buttons. This is an appropriate outfit for those who wish to say “Yes” in a romantic and enchanting setting.
This outfit is accessorized with a collar collar, an ascot or lavaliere and a top hat. If you choose the jacket, make sure to respect all the codes of this outfit and to get advice from a specialist.
This outfit is still very popular at weddings of the traditional bourgeoisie or the nobility. On the occasion of a traditional wedding, it is customary to dress her from father to son.
4th choice) The tailcoat  (ceremonial suit)
The tailcoat  is a very elegant ceremony suit. He recognizes himself thanks to his form. That is to say a short jacket on the front and long behind that goes down to the knees forming a V or a rounded shape.
You must opt for a bow tie or scarf, because the tie is strictly prohibited.
Traditionally, the tailcoat is a clothe which is worn during major ceremonies and balls.

5th choice) A smoking (a more classic outfit)
A smoking is an elegant suit that consists of a jacket and pants. The jacket can be black wool and mohair cloth, straight or cross satin cuff or silk flaw.
The jacket is usually just one button, except for American versions, or we have more dress jackets with two buttons.
It is worn with a white shirt preferably and a bow tie.
In France, it is used very little during a wedding. But, in America, it’s more traditional, men have no problem wearing a tuxedo to get married. He favors the black or white tuxedo, the James Bond, worn with a bow tie with a shirt collar.


What are the mistakes to avoid with a suit?

  • Choose the cut according to your size.
  • Choose a costume that sticks with your personality.
  • Favor a well-trimmed suit, adjusted to your morphology. We must avoid a suit that is too wide or too short.
  • Take a suit with a color that matches your complexion. The colors go everywhere are the navy blue and the gray, because they marry with everything.
  • When fitting your suit, check the height of your sleeves. Tip: you bend your arm, and the sleeve of your suit must be at the level of the bone of your wrist.
  • A good height in the pants is preferred. Make sure that the pants fall well at the back of the shoe.
  • Enhance your outfit with accessories. Without overloading your outfit, you can accessorize your outfit with a clutch, buttonhole, cufflinks, flower combos or a nice watch.
  • Choose your shoes. For her wedding, the best choice is a pair of very classic black leather shoes.
  • If you wear a suit with 3 or 2 buttons, do not close the last button, it’s a lack of taste.
  • The belt must be matched with pants, socks and shoes. And not the reverse.
  • The socks must have the same color as the pants.

Inspiration: 10 black and half-breed men in wedding costumes. See the photos below.
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What do you think is your favorite suit style during a wedding?


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