10 hairstyles for black women


10 hairstyles for black women

Black women want to feel beautiful and want to take care of their natural hair. They wonder, how am I style my curly hair today? What are the different hairstyles can I do with my hair? If you are in this case, don’t hesitate to read this post.

  • 1. African braids or twists (short or long).

Braids are very useful for growing hair. But, do not over tighten!
Coiffure tresse longues

  • 2. Afro hairstyles (short, long, with cornrows in front)

  • 3. Natural cornrows with your own hair

Coiffure natte tréssée

  • 4. Smooth haircut (long or short). Not too straightens your hair, it may break!

coiffeuse-afro-antillaise défrisé

  • 5. Afro puff 


  • 6. Cornrows (with braids)

Coiffure afro-nattes collées

  • 7. Bantu Knots


  • 8. Bantu Knots out

Bantu Knots out 3


  • 9. Locks or Dreadlocks


  • 10. Bald hairstyle, Buzz cut 

shaila BaldStyle

What is your favorite hairstyle?


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