The magic of natural hair of black women | Art Pierre Jean-Louis

The magic of natural hair of black women | Art Pierre Jean-Louis

Many black and mixed-race women do not feel comfortable with their natural hair. And, the artist Pierre Jean-Louis understood it well. When his sisters started to leave their hair natural. He was amazed by the beauty and length of their hair. From there, black women’s hair became a real muse for him.
Son of the famous painter Bonaventure Jean Louis of Haiti, he decided to transform the hair of black women into beautiful works of art filled with magic. The artist Pierre Jean Louis wanted to tell black women how much he enjoyed wearing them with their frizzy black hair. He wanted to encourage them to be proud of themselves and their African heritage.

Maybe I can inspire other black girls to join them, and just say “F … to the world. I do what I want. I’m going to do it myself.

He enjoys using graphic art to create a mystical, magical and natural universe on the images of the natural hair of black women. He adds flowers, vines, an entire forest, all seamlessly woven into reels and torches. The painter uses pictures of women found on Instagram and transforms them into cosmic and fantastic landscapes. The project “Black Magic Girl” focuses on self-love, self-confidence and beauty.
Based in New York and Philadelphia, the graphic art of the Haitian painter Pierre Jean-Louis is inspired by women, nature and the world around him. His work is amazing and he is followed by more than 100,000 followers on his Instagram page.


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