Kibonen & Kirette couture create beautiful African clothes for men vous présente un de ses coups de cœur la marque Kibonen & Kirette couture. Nous allons prêter notre attention aux vêtements hommes, qui sont magnifiques. Nous saluons le travail de ce duo camerounais de choc qui s’impose avec succès dans le monde impitoyable de la mode. 

Kibonen & Kirette couture create beautiful African clothes for men

     kibonen-profile  kibonen and Kirette Couture, what is it?
Kibonen is a New York brand created by a young Cameroonian woman Kibonen Nfi. Kirette Couture is a sewing company, founded in January 2009. It specializes in hand-made, custom-made, limited edition clothing.

      A Cameroonian duo 

Kirette Couture et Kibonen are led by a Cameroon duo of shock. On the one hand, we have Kibonen Nfi, stylist, CEO of Kirette Fashion House and the founder of Cameroon Fashion Industry. On the other hand, we have his partner Anrette Ngofor, associate and stylist Kirette Couture.Ensemble, these two talents form an unbeatable shock duo. Destiny does things well. Their meeting is a real love at first sight. Kibonen Nfi falls on photos of Anrette Ngofor. She falls in love with my way Anrette showcases the traditional toghu Cameroonian. Quickly, she asks him to become his partner.    
What are their inspirations?
  Anrette Ngofor-Kibonen Nfi  The “toghu” is their inspirations. It is a traditional clothing from northwestern Cameroon, which is worn for special occasions. The embroidered motifs represent traditional symbols. Kibonen mixes two styles and two worlds. On one side, we have the contemporary style, printed by an African style with very lively motifs. It’s the marriage between the western world and the traditional marriage !

A radiant future

Kibonen said, “The future of Kirette Couture is bright. We plan to expand and continue to serve our customers by providing affordable outfits that will make them feel luxurious. “Beautiful and smart, Kibonen Nfi has a BA in English and French from the University of Buea in Cameroon. Demanding, she studies in parallel to obtain a degree in international trade and marketing in the fashion industry, fashionable New York Institute of technology.
On the other hand, Anrette Ngofor studied at the College of Arts and Technology in Manchester. She has a degree in Art and Design, followed by a Bachelor of Fashion Design. Anrette completed the whole by studying photography and image at the University of Salford, Manchester. With a brand combining modernized and traditional designs, Kibonen and Kirette couture in a very promising future. They perform in Washington DC and Manhattan. In this article, I focused on men’s clothing. But, Kibonen & Kirette Couture also offers clothing for women, children, accessories and very original shoes.
( photo credit : kibonen )       

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