6 Mario Balotelli’s Haircuts

6 Mario Balotelli’s Haircuts

Mario Balotelli is a 29 year old Italian footballer. Very charismatic, he marked the history of football by his talent, but also by his escapades related to his discipline problems due to his strong character.

Still, the former Manchester City striker is endearing and doesn’t go unnoticed. Short hair, Iroquois crest, mohawks, tattooed shaved head, blond hair, Balotelli always wear very bold hairstyles.

  • 1/ Mohawk

  • 2/ Pompadour hairstyle

  • 3/ Straightened hairstyle with a line on the side

  • 4/ Tattooed shaved skull

  • 5/ Blond haircut

  • 6/ Short haircut



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