Why are men so unfaithful?


Why are men so unfaithful?
Men and women have a hard time understanding each other.  The Alpha male will always remain a real enigma for us women. In my environment, I see men who are said to be happy in the household, married for a long time. But they can’t help but cheat their cookies everywhere. As soon as their wives are not there, the hunter’s instinct resurfaces. We forget the promises of fidelity, we throw in the trash all the words of love. The chilled husband or the man in love turns into a petticoat. When I see these kinds of behaviors, they are constantly being repeated around me. Whether married couples or not, I say, damn, but why the man is so unfaithful? Why does he need to go elsewhere? Why are not their wives or girlfriends enough for them? They are ready to put in danger a stable relationship for 5 minutes of pleasures. Que pasa? No, but seriously, unfaithful men, you want to deceive the biscuit. And the worst is men who cheat on their girlfriends and tell me that one kiss or make love to another. This is not deceived.
.We discussed with some unfaithful men, who gave us some arguments to justify their infidelities.

« I don’t have enough sex at home. “

« My wife has gained too much weight, I do not find it more attractive, hence, I am forced to see elsewhere. “

« My girlfriend doesn’t listen to me enough, she is not attentive or attentive with me. “

« My wife is no longer sexy. Since we are married, she only wears old granny panties. “

« My wife never cooks. She works too much. His guy is his job. From where, I’m cheating on her. “

« My girlfriend speaks badly, she disrespects me regularly. I have not spoken to her, she never listens. She does not want to make any effort. Hence, unfortunately, I went elsewhere. “

« I’m stressed at work, I need to live other adventures to free myself. “

« In religion, men have the right to marry several women. So let us breathe a little. “

« Most of my friends are cheating on their girlfriends. There is worse than me. “

« My wife is too authoritarian. “

« A kiss, it’s not cheated. “

« I need to go to the striptease clubs, to have fun. This is not infidelity. “

« See porn magazines, this is not deceived. You have to escape from time to time. “

« I’m just having fun and flirting. Where is the harm in all this? As long as I bring the money back to my home. “

« I like women, it’s not my fault. We do not eat the same fish every day. You must also taste other flowers in the garden. “

These arguments, frankly, leave me puzzled. If every time a woman does not cook or raise the tone, her boyfriend cheats on her. We did not leave the inn.
I’m not saying that women are not unfaithful. There are women too who do the same thing as men. But, in any case, I congratulate all the women who succeed in supporting and forgiving the infidelity of their men. It does not have to be easy every day. I hope men who deceive, realize the harm they do. And, I hope that with time, they will become virtuous men.

So, men, if you read my message, explain to us, why are you so unfaithful?
Why are you permanently dissatisfied?


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