Wedding Destination: Trinidad and Tobago

Mariage de rêve à Trinité-et-Tobago

Wedding Destination: Trinidad and Tobago

If you want to get married abroad, in a romantic and picturesque island, by the beach. Let yourself be seduced by the beauty of the landscapes of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.
Trinidad and Tobago is a Caribbean island, located in the Caribbean Sea, less than 15 km from Venezuela.
On his third trip, in 1498, Christopher Columbus landed on the island. And, he decides to baptize it Trinidad (Trinity).
Trinidad and Tobago are two different islands. Trinidad is the island of Carnival and the capital Port of Spain. On the other hand, Tobago is a paradise island, very visited by tourists for its beautiful seabed and the beauty of its landscapes.
Trinidad and Tobago has a very rich and unique population with Indians, Africans, Britons, Spaniards, Chinese, French and Persians.
Beauty of the scenery is breathtaking. So, to my dear future brides, I hope that Trinidad and Tobago will be a dream destination for your marriage.

Inspiration by this photo shoot of a dream wedding in Trinidad and Tobago.

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Outdoor decoration.
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Romantic and picturesque landscape
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Dream nights by the beach.
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  • Wedding Dresses: I Do I Do Bridal Studio
  • Tenuedu married: Â Ralph Lauren
  • Photographer / Videographer: Relate Studios
  • Event Planner: Melissa Heholt- Statice Events
    Bridal Stylist: Vainglorious Brides
    Bridal accessories: (Veils) Elisha Caplan
    Models: Ange Ross (the bride) | Luke Ribiero (the groom)
    Hairdresser: Akilah Steadman
    Makeup Artist: Miles of Beauty
    Event Hire: Emerald Designs & Event Services
    Event and Floral Designer: Makini Brereton, Makini Regal Designs

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