Top 6 Trendy African Braids hairstyles for Black Women | Box Braids


Top 6 Trendy African Braids hairstyles for Black Women | Box Braids

African braids consists in interlacing the locks of hair between them in order to give an aspect of braiding to the hair. It is a typical hairstyle for black women, which is part of an ancestral art of the African continent. From antiquity to Pharaonic Egypt, braids are an art that is transmitted from mother to daughter. African Braids is an ancestral heritage that has survived centuries, eras and generations. It is the symbol and beauty of a whole people or ethnic group. It is a hairstyle that values frizzy hair, but that adapts to all types of hair.
The braids are worn in different ways: long, short, in buns, etc. It is a practical and simple hairstyle, symbol of African culture in history. One can stylize this hairstyle with beads, rings and other fashion accessories like scarf and turbans.
African braid is a sophisticated hairstyle, which can work day and night, at the beach as on red carpets. 

Advantage of wearing braids:

  • It is a protective hairstyle, which requires little maintenance.
  • They are simple and easy to make.
  • Saves time in the morning.
  • Plus the trouble of handling her hair for 1 or 2 months.
  • They promote the circulation of sebum, so our hair is less dry.
  • They can be accessorized with beads or scarves.
  • It is a sophisticated and ancestral hairstyle.
  • They protect us from the cold and pollution of the environment.
  • They are adaptable. We choose the length, the size and the color that we want. In addition, all types of hair can wear braids.
  • A hairstyle for all lengths of hair.
  • Celebrities love braids.


How to make braids hairstyles?


  • 4 or 5 packets of strand.
  • One or two hair combs.
  • Scissors and elastics.

Realization of braids.

  • 1) Select a quantity of wicks according to the thickness you want for your braids.
  • 2) Draw section by section to make your braids wicks per strands.
  • 3) To make your braids, first make a knot at the root then braid your wick until the end.
  • 4) Arrived at the point, finish with a small knot.
  • 5) Regularize the length and cut your tips. Then, finally, heat water and soak your points, so that they remain firm.

But, before you make your braids, you must choose the size, length and color you want. Below you will find different patterns of braids.

  • 1/ Long Braids

Long thin braids. (micro braids)

Large long braids.(Big Braids)

  • 2/ Short braids.


  • 3/ Medium braids


  • 4/ Colored braids (blond, red, blue, purple, pink, mixed).


  • 5 / Braids embellished with pearls, rings or others.


  • 6/ Stylize your braids with scarves, head chains or others.


Do you love African braids?

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