The multiple virtues of banana peel

Do you know the multiple virtues of banana peel? Bright white teeth, clean, shiny skin, more acne, pimples, scars, relieves mosquito bites, cuts, bites, shines and cares for leather and silverware, nourishes eyes, tenderizes meat, very useful to hunt aphids, attract butterflies, serve as fertilizer, banana peel is a real elixir.
So don’t throw your banana peels away, consume them without moderation!

The multiple virtues of banana peel

I The nutritional value of bananas
Bananas are a delicious fruit. All countries around the world love bananas. It is a very energetic fruit, rich in potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamins A, B, and C, easy to digest, very nutritious, etc. Bananas are an essential fruit that seduces all generations. Usually, we buy a banana, eat the inside, then throw away banana peel. It’s a nice mistake! Because, the skin of banana has many unsuspected virtues.
Les peaux de banane sont :

  • Rich in soluble fiber: it has an appetite suppressant effect which helps maintain your weight. These fibers are very useful for lowering cholesterol.
  • .rich in tryptophan: it is an amino acid, necessary for the production of hormones like serotonin. Serotonin is a brain hormone, which acts as a mood enhancer.
  •  rich in potassium, calcium and vitamin D
  • rrich in antioxidants: Asian dishes love it.



II How to use banana peel in our daily life?

Don’t throw away your banana peels, you will miss its many health benefits, home, garden, etc. All this information is for informational purposes, do not forget to seek the advice of a doctor.

  • Teeth whitening

All the benefits are in nature. I confirm, it’s true. Everyone wants to have a star smile, with bright white teeth. There is a more economical, natural and very effective way to whiten your teeth: “banana peel.” Banana peel is full of potassium, magnesium, manganese, calcium and vitamin D inside the peels. This has the effect of whitening the enamel of your teeth and restoring the shine to teeth tarnished by coffee, carbonated drinks, red wine or time. Many people around the world have become bananas mania. That is to say, banana peel addicts. Do not dare to throw your banana peels in front of them!
How to proceed ?

  • 1 / Buy bananas.
    2 / Eat there and keep the skin.
    3 / Rub the inner white side of banana peel on your teeth back and forth, for about 5 minutes minimum.
    4 / Then rinse with water.
    5 / Do it regularly (morning or after each meal), and in a few weeks your teeth will be whiter and brighter.
blanchir les dents avec les peaux de bananes _Use-Banana-Peels
Whiten your teeth with banana peel

Results on the photos below:

1 Banana peel before 2 banana peel after
 Before using banana peel After using banana peel


  • Treat facial skin (radiance, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, anti-psoriasis)

Banana peel contains enzymes to help your skin. Banana peel helps keep hydrated. Rich in antioxidants, it has a high concentration of phytosterols and polyphenols. These fortifying and healing properties allow your skin to stay young for a long time, reduce wrinkles and brighten your face. We forget about botox! And focuses on a natural product that makes the skin soft and shiny.
If you have psoriasis, use banana peel to reduce the affected areas. In a few days, the dry skin will dissipate. Banana peel is a real cure for dry skin.
How to proceed ?

  • 1 / Rub the inside of banana peel on the face.
    2 / Let stand for 10 to 20 minutes.
    3 / Then rinse with cold water.
    4 / Before going to bed, you can rub banana peel on the face. Leave to sleep overnight. Rinse off with water in the morning.
    5 / For psoriasis, rub the inside of banana peel twice a day on the affected areas, even if it will be red at first.
Utiliser les peaux de bananes pour soigner la peau du visage -Use-Banana-Peels
Treat facial skin with banana peel


  • Get rid of acne and old pimples

Acne or pimples are hell for many people. Banana peel has helped many people around the world to cure this delicate problem. Indeed, banana peel contains antioxidant, lutein which helps the skin to protect itself from sun damage. It also has esterified fatty acids that treat eczema and psoriasis. This tip reduces old pimples on the face and old scars.
How to proceed ?

  • 1 / Take a small piece of banana peel and rub it on the inside of the affected area, until the skin turns brown. As soon as banana peel is completely black, throw it away and replace with another. Clean your affected areas for at least 10 minutes.
    2 / After rubbing, do not wash your face! This is super important. Preferably do it in the evening before going to bed, to let him sleep.
    3 / Then, rinse with hot water in the early morning.
    4 / Do it every day, you can even use this process 3 times a day.
    5 / Do the same for pimples and old scars.
    6 / You will quickly see the results.

See all of this in pictures:

Etape 2 traiter acne avec peau de banane -Treat-Acne-With-Banana-Peels-4 Etape 3 traitrer acne avec peau de banane -Treat-Acne-With-Banana-Peel  soigner l'acné avec la peau de banane -Use-Banana-Peels
Before: acne or pimples  Rub banana peel to make it disappear.

Result and treatment of banana peel acne:

treat acne in 4 days with banana-peel
Acne treatment in 4 days with banana peel


  • Get rid of unsightly warts

Banana peel is very useful for getting rid of unsightly warts because it is very rich in potassium. It removes warts and prevents new ones from appearing.
How to proceed ?

  • 1 / Cut a piece of banana the size of the wart or more.
    2 / Place the inner skin of banana on the wart.
    3 / Use adhesive tape or a piece of adhesive tape to hold it properly.
    4 / Leave for 3 days, the skin will rot on the wart and cause it to die.
    5 / Change your coat after 3 days.
    6 / Repeat the operation, if necessary.
    7 / After 1 to 2 weeks, the wart is removed thanks to banana peel.
utiliser peau de banane pour les verrues - Use-Banana-Peels
Get rid of unsightly warts


  •  Burns, stings, bites, cuts, scrapes, bruises, scratches: use banana peel

Banana peel helps relieve burns, stings, bites, cuts, scrapes, bruises, scratches, etc. The ancient Chinese used to use banana peel to cure mosquito bites. Indeed, the oil contained in banana peel acts as a super pain reliever against burns, stings, bites or others. With these anti-histamine effects, banana peels relieve and reduce inflammation. It blocks histamine (chemical compounds causing allergies). In traditional medicine, banana tree is known for its healing and soothing effects.
You can use banana peel as a knee ointment. Rubbing banana peel with the inside will heal the wound on your knees.
How to proceed ?

  • 1 / Rub banana peel on mosquito bites and bites.
    2 / It will soothe your pain and reduce inflammation.

See the picture below:

soulager morsures, piqures, rayures avec la peau de banane -Use-Banana-Peels
Relieve burns, stings, bites, cuts, scrapes, bruises, scratches, etc.


  •  Use banana peel to remove a splinter

Banana peel also removes a splinter. It is very good for the skin.
How to proceed ?

  • 1 / Place banana peel on a splinter.
    2 / Bandage with adhesive tape or adhesive plaster for a certain time.
    3 / Then try to facilitate the splinter.
utiliser peau de banane pour enlever écharde - Use-Banana-Peels
Use banana peel to remove a splinter
  •  Headache

You have a headache. Don’t hesitate to use a banana peel to relieve yourself.
How to proceed ?

  • 1 / Buy a banana.
    2 / Eat banana.
    3 / Keep the skin of banana and put it on your forehead.
    4 / Banana peel will relieve your headache.


  • Reduce symptoms of depression – anti depressant

Scientists have found that banana or banana peel helps fight depot. Protect your eyesight with bananas or banana peelression. Indeed, the consumption of boiled banana peel water (or skin juice) can relieve and alleviate the symptoms of depression. That is, bananas contain tryptophan, which prompts relaxation and contains other compounds that can improve your mood.

  •  Protect your eyesight with bananas or banana peel

The skin of banana contains an antioxidant “lutein.” Lutein is known to reduce oxidative stress and neutralize free radicals in various organs, including the skin. But, it also provides a nutritional substance to the eyes, reducing the risk of macular degeneration, cataracts and filter out harmful UV rays. It thus protects the cells of the eyes. Do not hesitate to consume banana or banana peel, it is excellent for the eyes.


  • Maintain and polish leather with a banana peel

Did you know that banana peel has a polishing effect? Indeed, banana peel is a natural product which allows to maintain, polish, make the leather shine. It gives it back its suppleness, its radiance and its original beauty. Banana peel has the effect of deeply nourishing the leather and at the same time erases stains on the surface very effectively.
Thanks to banana peel, you can polish your leather shoes, leather furniture, leather jackets, etc.

What are the different steps?

  •  1 / Buy bananas.
    2 / Keep the skin.
    3 / Rub the inner part of banana peel over your leather or leather shoes.
    4 / Then polish with a cloth.
Etape 1 Utiliser les bananes nettoyer chaussure -Use-Banana-Peels-Step-1 polish-with-banana
Maintain and polish leather with a banana peel

Watch the video below:

  • Polish silverware

Banana peel is very effective in polishing and shining silverware.
How to proceed ?

  •  1 / Buy bananas.
    2 / Keep the skin.
    3 / Mix banana peel with water.
    4 / Rub the inner part of banana peel on the silverware.
    5 / Then, polish silverware with a soft cloth.
polir argenterie avec peau de banane - polish silverware banana peels
Polish silverware with banana peel.


  •  Clean a scratched CD or DVD with a banana peel

You can also clean a scratched CD or DVD using a banana peel.

nettoyer cd dvd peau de banane
Clean scratched cd or DVD with banana peel


  •  Take care of your garden or field with banana peel


  • Feeding garden worms with banana peels

Worms love banana peels. You can use them to feed worms in your garden.

 nourrissez les vers avec les bananes -Use-Banana-Peels-Step-2
Feed the worms with bananas


  • Attract butterflies and birds

If you observe and attract butterflies and birds, use banana peel. Indeed, like humans, birds and straws love bananas and banana peels.
How to do ?

  • 1 / Drill a few holes in bananas to make the most butterfly fruit.
    2 / Include small pieces of banana placed along the skin.

See the picture below:

Utiliser les pour attirer papillon jardin - Use-Banana-Peels
Use them to attract butterflies and birds from the garden.


  •  To deter aphids

Aphids don’t like banana peels. If aphids attack your roses or plants, do not hesitate to use banana peel to scare them away.
How to proceed ?

  • 1 / Chop banana peels into small pieces.
    2 / Bury them under and around your roses or other plants.
    3 / You will dissuade them from coming around.

See the photo below:

hachez les peaux de banane pour dissuader les pucerons -Use-Banana-Peels
chop banana peels to deter aphids


  •  To fertilize the plants: use them as fertilizer or mulch

Banana peels are rich in potassium. It is an essential nutrient for humans, as for your garden. To fertilize your plants, transform your banana peels into fertilizer or mulch

  • 1 / To fertilize plants.
    2 / Place the zest in a large jar, cover with aquatic plants and water.
    3 / Keep water by adding to maintain the fertilizer.
    4 / Place them around your established plants.
    5 / Banana peels make a fantastic mulch for sowing and new installations.
    6 / For tomatoes: wrap a banana peel around your tomato leaves when you plant them in the garden.
    7 / To have a beautiful rose bush: put  banana peels at the base of the rose bush. The flowers will be numerous and colorful thanks to the potassium in the skin.
    8 / On the other hand, in the winter months: dry banana peels on the screens during the winter months.
    9 / In spring: grind them in a food processor or blender and use it as mulch to give new ones.
utiliser peau de banane pour fertiliser les plantes -Use-Banana-Peels
suse banana peel to fertilize plants


  • Light up your indoor plants

If your indoor plants are dirty or dusty, wipe each leaf with the inside of banana peel. Especially do not spray them with water that just meets the dirt around. Banana peel will remove all the dirt and give your houseplants a shiny side.
How to do ?

  • 1 / We wipe each leaf with the inner skin of banana.
    2 / Quickly, everything is clean and shiny.

See the picture below:

Illuminez vos plantes d'intérieur -Use-Banana-Peels
Light up your indoor plants


  •  Add to compost heap

Rich in potassium and phosphorus, bananas and banana peels can be added to your compost pile. They add nutrients and break down quickly. But don’t forget to remove all the tags stuck on the peels, and bury bananas deep in your pile – if not, they may just turn out to be a meal for a four-legged visitor.

utiliser les peaux de bananes pour compost-Use-Banana-Peels
Add skins to your compost


  •  In the kitchen
  • Eat raw or cooked banana skins

Many Asian or Indian recipes consume the skins of raw or cooked bananas. It is excellent for health and a real natural energy booster.

consommer les peaux de banane crus ou cuits-Use-Banana-Peels
Eat raw or cooked banana skins!


  •  Tenderize meat

In many Asian countries, banana leaves or skins are commonly used to tenderize meat. All this aims to make the meat tender, not too dry, to soften it and to prevent it from being too hard during cooking.
How’s it going ?

  • 1 / You can either add a peel to the pan.
  • 2 / You can add it to your roast so that it is not too dry.
  • 3 / By placing banana peel, it traps moisture and keeps the meat tender.
utiliser peau de banane pour garder le poulet tendre -Use-Banana-Peels
.Tenderise meat with banana peel.


  • Make vinegar with banana peels

It is also possible to make vinegar with banana peels.
See the picture below:

faire du vinaigre à partir de pelures -Use-Banana-Peels
Make vinegar with banana peels


  • Purify contaminated water

Many researchers have discovered that banana peel is effective in purifying contaminated water. It is a natural, ecological and inexpensive way to help the planet. Do not hesitate to read my article by clicking here: “Purifying contaminated water: issue and alternative solutions”

banana-water-cleaner - purifier eau contaminée avec des peaux de bananes
Purify contaminated water with banana peels

I want to thank you for your attention. Do not throw away your banana peels, because they are a real asset for humans, animals, plants or the environment. On the other hand, be sure to buy organic bananas, since many banana plantations are air-sprayed with pesticides and are fertilized using artificial fertilizers. Washing with soap can help remove some of the pesticides, but it is always recommended to buy organic bananas. Do not hesitate to share with us your experiences with banana peel!

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