Serge Ibaka’s “Son of the Congo” Documentary

Serge Ibaka’s “Son of the Congo” Documentary

For all those who love Serbian Ibaka, do not hesitate to watch the documentary on his life titled “Son of the Congo. “Directed by Grantland in 2015. This 5-episode film traces Serge’s career in his native Congo Brazzaville to the NBA.
Son of two former basketball players, Serge Ibaka suffered a lot in his life. Because his mother died and his father was arrested and locked up. Delivered to himself, he forgot his suffering by focusing on his dream of becoming a basketball player.
Serge explains:

 My mother died when I was young. Then my father was arrested and finished in prison for a while. I had nothing. But I kept dreaming, for dreaming is still free. All this motivated me to play so hard basketball from a very young age. And when I had my chance, I was ready. “

Fortunately, God realized his dream. This beautiful documentary brings us in total immersion with Serge Ibaka. We don’t see NBA champion, but a sincere and honest man who makes a journey into the past to witness the trials he has gone through. In this film, we will also discover with emotion that Serge Ibaka is also dad of a girl of 9 years. His father had hidden existence of the child from him. In order not to disrupt his son’s life, Serge Ibaka’s father took care of his ex-girlfriend and the life of his child. Then, two years ago, he told her the truth when her daughter Ranie was 5 years old. But, we stop there, the best is to watch the documentary to see the reunion between Serge and her 7-year-old daughter.
Come watch all the episodes in this video:

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