Plus-size menswear: Kelvin by Notoriously Dapper

Plus-size menswear: Kelvin by Notoriously Dapper

Kelvin is an American man from Columbia, SC. Following an unfortunate purchase because of his weight, he decides to launch a positive men’s fashion blog “Nororiously Dapper,” which aims to inspire men to embrace who they are.

Through his different looks, they prove that you can have weight and have class. For him, no man should be ashamed of his size. It creates looks to show to tall men that you can be stylish and nicely in your skin with your clothes.
Custom made suits, fashion shirts, streetwear outfits, shoes, pants, fashion accessories, Kelvin does not forget anything. Not only is his style amazing, because we all appreciate a well-dressed man. – but his personality shines through his writing.

4 fashion tips for Plus-size Men:

  • Tip 1: Always wear pants that allow your thighs to breathe.
  • Tip 2: Every tall man should have a hat and glasses. These two accessories can quickly change the appearance of a man.
  • Tip 3: The folded pants down is very fashionable.
  • Tip 4: the shorts fit well on a plus-size men.

Below are photos of this elegant man.

Crédit : notoriously dappper


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