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Men’s Fashion: trendy Kimono for men | Asos presents trendy kimonos for men of the brand “Asos”, new generation. Many designers and fashion designers have revived the fashion of kimonos, which adapt to all men. Stylish, classy, kimonos of the brand “asos” bring a certain style and a great originality to the men, who wear these clothes.
A little reminder about the Japanese Kimono.

  • Kimono is a traditional Japanese garment with wide sleeves. It is distinguished by its T-shape and long sleeves, which can touch the ground. Nowadays, it refers to the traditional Japanese dress.
  • It is a garment worn on special occasions.
  • Kimono always moves from left to right. If you wear it badly, it means that you are someone very badly polished.
  • Men and women wear kimono.
  • On the other hand, the traditional kimono is very expensive. This is why many Japanese have stopped wearing it. Its price can amount to several million yen (several thousand euros).
  • The styles of kimonos designate social rank and tatus of the person who wears it. Today, the main differences between female and male kimonos are patterns and color. They are found in different colors of black, gray, brown and dark blue.

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