Maxwell Dickson: a contemporary art in constant evolution


Maxwell Dickson: a contemporary art in constant evolution

Whoever is not brave enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” Muhammad Ali.

Located in Los Angeles, Maxwell Dickson’s team presents an ever-changing contemporary art. Founded by James Freeman and Bart Cooper, Maxwell Dickson creates a fusion with art and digital and collaborates with talented artists. It creates personalized decoration products with the paintings of these young talents for the home, which fits any room in your home. From design to manufacturing, everything is done in-house.
img_2406-350x525How does it happen?
First, it prints for example the paintings of Bart Cooper, which are actually “painted” on a Wacom digital tablet. Although Cooper can paint a physical canvas, his creations emerge instead on a computer screen. Freeman explains: “Digital creation allows us to work much faster than the traditional process of painting, scanning and printing. Plus, digital painting allows more color control and gives a piece of art that can be much more colorful. This method also allowed us to quickly build a large base of works of art for sale. “The end result is a collection that is both accessible and unique.
Many celebrities support the Maxwell Dickson team: Anthony Konechny (X-Men: Apocalypse), ZZ Ward (Musicien), Khleo Thomas (Holes), Rochelle Vincente Von K (Musicien), Zach Peladeau (iZombie), Blake Cooper Griffin (Before You Say I Do), Dominic Leeder (Persona), Nicole Murphy and Spencer Grammer (Rick and Morty, Greek).
Maxwell Dickson brand marches so well that it is found in boutique hotels, lofts, creative office spaces and distinctive homes throughout the world.
Maxwell Dickson also offers partnership projects in which our clients can choose to collaborate with our team to create a work that implements the qualities and themes they contemplate, as well as the ingenuity and unique perspective of Maxwell Dickson.
You can buy his paintings on:







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