Luxury jewelery: Uru Diamonds | Tanzania

Luxury jewelery: Uru Diamonds | Tanzania

With its diamonds coveted around the world, Tanzania attracts many visitors for its mineral wealth and the beauty of its landscapes. The beauty of diamonds and luxury jewelery remind us of the ancient days when African kings and queens shone with a thousand fires thanks to their exceptional finery.
Inspired by African traditions and designs, Uru Diamonds is a Tanzanian company specializing in precious stones, which produces collections of contemporary jewelry. Its name “Uru” in Swahili means a powerful essence. Hence in their workshops, craftsmen lovingly engage in making jewelry where diamonds are cut locally.
Uru Diamonds collection includes necklaces, bracelets, pendants, cufflinks and rings. For example, bracelets are made from shiny embedded threads or natural leathers that offer an unparalleled range of colors to be gathered and blended and combined to meet your needs.

Always with the desire to help their communities, the company is donating sales donations to support the education of children in rural areas in partnership with the SOS Children’s Village.

Sharing, beauty, fair trade, let yourself be seduced by the beauty of Uru Diamonds jewelry.

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