Human dignity for Calais migrants

souffrance migrants de calais
Human dignity and compassion for Calais migrants.
Human dignity for Calais migrants
Rob Lawrie, a British man of 49, was touched by the suffering and despair of the Calais migrants. Like many of us, he followed the despair of migrants on TV or through the newspapers. But one day he was hit. And decide to do something. He left his comforts in England, his wife and his children, and he set out to discover the deplorable living conditions of the migrants. Touched, he decided to help them as best he could. Then, little by little, Rob Lawrie became affectionate with a four-year-old Afghan girl named Bahar. Bahar, despite his young age and difficulties, keeps a smile on a daily basis. And that smile turned Rob forever. He decided to bring the four-year-old child illegally into England by hiding him in his van, for he could not bear to see her live a life so inhuman, without any dignity. Rob acted compassionately toward his neighbor by doing a desperate act.
And what did he get? He was arrested, his wife left him and he no longer sees these children. Desperate, he had to sell some of these goods to pay his lawyers, to defend him during this trial in Boulogne-sur-Mer in France. He lost everything and risked up to five years in prison for compassion for a little girl. Fortunately, thanks to God, he avoided jail and was fined € 1,000 with a suspended sentence. But nothing will repair the punishment he suffered, for his crime was to help a little girl have a better life. He acknowledges that he would never have tried to get the 4-year-old Bahar into illegal England.
Rob Lawrie explique ses regrets et sa peine à la presse :

I can just say it was irrational and stupid. I had not really thought about it. It was really on a whim. I could not leave her.»
The end does not justify the means. »
What I did is a mistake, but it remains a child in a difficult situation. I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, but I have tremendous compassion for the children in the camps », said Rob Lawrie. 

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Despite the prejudices that circulate about migrants. It is important to make up your own mind and, as Rob Lawrie says so well, go out and see with your own eyes the appalling conditions in which these people live. Instead of judging, insulting and staying cold against the misery of the world.
Human dignity is fundamental to a human being.
No matter what situation you find, dignity allows you to move forward in the face of the vagaries of life. We were all upset and saddened by the lifeless body of this little migrant drowned at sea and rejected by the waves at the edge of a beach. But hundreds and thousands of children, like him, are still in danger today. Who are we to judge them? Have we gone through hell and the tragedies they experience on a daily basis? Who has never dreamed of a better life? 
In addition, we are all looking for happiness. Some are forced to flee their country to protect their children from the danger that surrounds them. Others set out on the road to adventure because they dream of a better life. Who can condemn them? We all seek a peaceful, loving place where we can live in safety with our families. Has not human life been made of migration since the dawn of time? 
Many associations on the spot, courageously denounced the unhealthy and unworthy situations in which migrants live. More than 6,000 migrants live in conditions unworthy of human beings. They sleep in tents where all around there is filth, filth, sickness and mud around them. Not to mention that there are not enough toilets for everyone. If we can still call it a toilet. The sanitary conditions are deplorable for a country, which represents values ​​of equality, fraternity and freedom. Children girls or boys live there with their parents, or for other orphans, in total anonymity. Women are pregnant and continue their pregnancies without any follow-up. They are abandoned by all. Only a few associations support them in the field, with their limited means. We pray that God will help them and give them the courage to endure this nightmare, that they live every day.
Mady Demante, a general practitioner testifies to the sanitary danger of the camps:

It is not worthy of France. Even in poor and war-torn countries, camps are not in this condition. »
It was dreadful. And yet, I am a doctor, accustomed to misfortune and suffering. There, in Calais, it is as if the rules of public health did not apply.”  

souffrance migrants de calais
A little hope and dignity for the migrants of Calais
Fortunately, some people are fighting for the condition of migrants. And a first “hard” camp was set up with 125 containers, which will be able to accommodate by the end of January more than 1,500 migrants from the jungle of Calais, who are in alarming situations. This temporary reception center consists of containers of 14m2. Inside, there are 12 bunk beds. There are also cradles for newborns and minimum maintenance for human dignity. I will let you read in detail the article of the newspaper the express, which explains well the effort deployed.
Certainly, it is not perfect, but it is a beginning. We must also acknowledge and thank all the doctors who care for migrants on a daily basis. We must also thank the small or large associations that struggle fiercely to help the living conditions of migrants.
Be careful, a time of reflection is necessary for those who wish to leave.
If you are desperate and you want to leave your country. Think carefully before you leave. And pray to God, with strength, before taking off. We do not know your situation or your life. But, there is no Eldorado on this earth. Sometimes you think you’re leaving a place, you’re in a worse situation than what you left behind. A time of reflection is really necessary for parents who bring with them young children at sea on a boat without knowing exactly where you are going. Every day, many migrants, families and children die drowned in the sea. They leave with the fear and the desire for a better life, but they never return from this journey of despair. So pay attention to yourself, do not act with despair. The end does not justify the means. There is no paradise on earth, but the true paradise is in God. Act with caution in your life, because you know nothing happens in a day. Solutions often arrive when they are not expected. One must keep hope and be persistent. Nothing is impossible for him who believes.
Human dignity is important for anyone who lives on this earth. We all dream of a better life for us or our loved ones. It happened to several people to be expatriated. To leave his country for a while, in search of a better life. But, it is also important for people, who come to respect the place where they live and the people around them. Regardless of our distress, respect is essential.
Social problem of Calais migrants or other people who live in precarious situations should not be ignored. Instead of stigmatizing them, rejecting them, we need to show compassion, understanding for the poor, and come up with new ideas to improve their situations, because we will never be able to understand the ordeal that they have experienced.

 What do you think about the issue of migrants?

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