How to style gray hair for mature Black Women?

How to style gray hair for mature Black Women?

The first white hair appears! As months and years go by, your hair becomes totally gray. And many questions fall into your head, how to style my gray hair and stay beautiful and sexy in everyday life no matter what my age?
For some women, gray hair was a nightmare. Synonymous with old age, many of them spent their time coloring their hair to hide to the maximum, the multitude of white hair that show their nose. Why ? In order to stay young. For the fashion and beauty industry made them think that to remain young, it was necessary to avoid to the maximum the gray hair. But today, women of 30, 40 or 50 years, make fun of gossip and wear very elegant and sexy gray hair. In addition, gray hair has become a true trend among young people as well.
Darlene Evans, a black woman with gray hair explains:

Women have been misled into believing that to be young they have to have a solid hair color that does not include gray.” “Since I went gray, I get a lot of compliments from guys who Like my hair. “

“Gray and sexy”
Tired of all these colorations, they realize that one can have white hair and be hyper sexy. Regardless of age, gray hair can be beautiful, silky and healthy. Many black women opt for the natural and choose to grow their hair and sublimate their gray hair with a nice hairstyle. Authenticity, freedom, originality, natural are words that define them perfectly well.
Same for men, actors like Richard Gere, George Clooney, Morgan Freeman are even more beautiful and sexy with their gray hair.
In addition, the trend in recent years is to dye hair gray. Regardless of age, young people are increasingly opting for gray hair, which gives them a special look. Celebrities such as Rihanna, Halle Berry, Ciara, Nicole Richie, Kelly Osbourne, also succumb to this trend. They proudly wear gray hair. And still testify to all women, that gray hair is magnificent.
Why gray hair? Do gray hairs really exist?
Absence of melanin by the follicle causes the production of white hair. Melanin is a pigment made by melanocytes that gives color. This decline in melanin is due to genetics, stress, depigmentation.
They say gray hair, but gray hair does not really exist, they are white in reality. It is our optical illusion that makes us see the gray hair (mixture between white and brown hair). In a logical way, the hair appears more and more gray as the percentage of white hair increases.
According to the genetics, from 25, 30 or 40 years, the first gray hair appear. Then they multiply and tumble to gray around 50 and 60 years.
Real problem with white hair is that they turn yellow and lack shine very easily due to air and pollution. Use a “dewatering” shampoo or certain plants to neutralize this yellowing.
How to stylish and maintain her gray hair?
You have to maintain them daily and choose a cut that puts you most in value with your gray hair (pepper and salt). Smooth, curly, short cut or square to you to choose the ideal cut suitable for your skin complexion and the shape of your face. One can very well have gray hair and look young and sexy.
Expect to have at least more than 70% of white hair to get a beautiful gray on your hair. But, above all keep them busy. Do not forget that white hair loses melanin. And this pigment is a protective filter to protect you from air pollution or other aggressions. The gray hair is much more fragile, so they must be treated 1 to 2 times a week with oils, nourishing masks, etc. It is also necessary to fight against their yellowing which occurs in contact with the sun and moisture.



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