Dora Alis Mera V: Colombian painter


Dora Alis Mera V: Colombian painter

Dora Alis Mera V. is an Afro-Colombian painter who presents the “Portraits of Innocence” collection. Portraits of Innocence is a beautiful collection of figurative portraits inspired by children from different ethnic groups in Africa.
dora-alis-mera-vDora Alis Mera V. was born in Valle-Colombia Queremal, June 6, 1968. For 12 years, she became professional in figurative art and taught in parallel painting. She is a professor of arts education and runs her own school from 2003 to 2008. She uses different techniques such as oil painting, acrylic, graphite pencils, oil pastels, pencils, and so on. It uses various types of supports such as cotton canvas, Canson paper, durex card, etc.
In her “Portraits of Innocence” collection, she produces 92 portraits of black children from different ethnic groups in Africa using different techniques of painting.

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