Discover historic city of Saint-Louis | Senegal Travel

Discover historic city of Saint-Louis | Senegal Travel

Saint-Louis, Ndar in Wolof, is a very tourist town, because of its colonial past, its culture and its beauty. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located 260 km from Dakar, located on an island at the mouth of the Senegal River.
In 1659, St. Louis was the first city founded by Europeans in West Africa. She was baptized “Saint-Louis” in honor of Louis reigning king of France. In 1916, the Saint-Louisiens were considered French in their own right. It was the same for people living in Dakar and Goree.
You can discover beautiful beaches, two very famous national parks, colonial houses with colorful facades and the famous 500 m long Faidherbe bridge that connects Saint-Louis to the Sor district.

What to do and see in Saint-Louis in Senegal?

  • Go to St. Louis beach.
  •  Take a boat to the island of Sor and the Langue de Barbarie.
  • Visit the Djoudj bird parks and the Langue de Barbarie park.
  • Carriage rides on Île Saint-Louis and outlying areas.
  • Visit the Saint-Louis Fanal during the holidays.
  • Admire the famous Faidherbe bridge.
  • Go to the museum of the research and documentation center of Senegal.
photo credit :  Soukéna Roussi & Lee Litumbe

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