Didier Drogba a footballer with a big heart

Didier Drogba fondation
 Despite their wealth, their successes and their thirst for winning, many footballers have not forgotten where they came from. They have not forgotten misery, difficulties, sacrifices they have experienced to reach the level at which they are at present. Didier Drogba, a big-hearted footballer, gives his daily life to help those in need through his foundation. These actions affect us because he does not hesitate to make donations to help the poor in his country Ivory Coast and throughout Africa. True, he can not help everyone, but he tries to put a drop of hope in this world full of illusions.

Didier Drogba a footballer with a big heart

Didier Drogba, champion’s life

Didier Drogba began his career playing at the club Le Mans. He then moved to league 1 with the team of EA Guinguanp. Obstinate, hardened in his work, he joined the club of Olympique Marseille in 2003, where he scored 19 goals. In his meteoric moment, he was transferred to the Chelsea club in 2004, where he currently plays. Not to forget, his periods of glory in the club of Galatasaray SK. His record is impressive, he shows to all that with a will of iron, hard work, and a lot of faith, a man can do everything and has no limit.
Winners of a champion:

  • Chelsea striker won 4 England Cups in 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2012 and scored more than 100 goals in the Premier League.
    More precisely, he was the winner of the English Championship (2005-2006-2010), winner of the English league (2005-2007-2015) and of the league of champions in 2012.
  • With his club Galatasaray SK, he won the Turkish championship and the Supercup (2013), but also the cup in 2014.
    With the Ivory Coast team, he was a finalist twice in 2006 and 2012.
  • He was voted African player of the year in 2006 and 2009 and received the African Gold Lion in 2005, 2006 and 2007.
  • Goal scorer, he is and he scored! He was the top scorer of the 2006-07 and 2009-2010 UEFA Champions League, top scorer of the UEFA Cup (2003-2004) and top European scorer (2003-2004)
  • He is appointed United Nations Goodwill Ambassador in 2007.

His record is so great that we will need a double page to quote everything 


Didier Drogba a footballer with a big heart

Drogba attitude that does not know him. It marked the heart of the Ivorians and many Africans. His name is quoted in cut-off songs. It makes the world dream by its talent, but also by its generosity. Unfortunately, often when talking about footballers, there is a lot of emphasis on the goals they have scored or their private lives. We often forget to highlight their best achievements, in my opinion, the good actions they do daily to help their neighbors. And yes, footballers are not just machines for goals, but they are also golden people with a big heart, who do not hesitate to use all their popularity to relieve and support others.
Well aware of the difficulties encountered by the African continent, in 2007, Didier Drogba founded the foundation Didier Drogba with the aim of providing financial and material support in the field of health and education to those who need it.
He actively collaborates with various organizations such as the Abidjan Red Cross, the White Page Establishment, the Grand Bassam orphanages and Madame Thérèse Houphouët-Boigny to help the most deprived. Through its foundation, it has offered many gifts and love to more than 300 orphaned children. He did not hesitate to take charge of the small Nobel Assamoi Yao suffering from leukemia.

Nobel Yao et Drogba -crédit photo la fondation didier Drogba
photo credit : la fondation Didier Drogba
Nobel Yao et Drogba -crédit photo la fondation didier Drogba 2
photo credit : la fondation Didier Drogba
Despite the support of the Chelsea striker, little Yao died at the age of 8 years.


I will always be there, alongside the children of Côte d’Ivoire and all of Africa. It is my duty to give them comfort and all the fulfillment they need. I play football for them. They are certainly inspired by my career. And I have to participate in their well-being, “the former Elephant captain told reporters.»

Education is very important for his foundation. Being educated is a weapon and a source of wealth, which makes it possible to face the adventures of life. All these words are translated into action. Indeed, the foundation Didier Drogba did not hesitate to help the children in need of the village of Niangon Lokoa in Yopougon, offering more than 5,000 school kits.


A project of particular interest to him is the construction of a hospital to treat the wounded. This project matured in his mind the day when when in a qualifying match for the World Cup, a wall collapsed in the national stadium making 19 dead and 133 injured. Well aware of the difficulties in taking charge, he decided to work actively to allow his hospital to see the light of day. But this project is not easy to implement. It has lagged because it requires a favorable climate with considerable cost and many authorizations. And seen, the different problems that cross the Ivory Coast. All this was not obvious.
In spite of everything in order to achieve his goal, Didier Drogba organized three charity galas in 2009, 2010 and 2012 for the creation of his clinic where he did not hesitate to call on the support of renowned footballers like Nicolas Anelka, Claude Makelele, Florent Malouda. With the help of many donors, its foundation was able to raise £ 1 million. And do not hesitate to raise funds to fight against malaria.
Named UN Goodwill Ambassador in 2007, Drogba does not hesitate to intervene in numerous clinics to help the sick. In particular, it assists more than 300 families at the Soma mine by donating or raising funds. Moreover, during the terrible floods that hit Senegal, the Chelsea striker did not hesitate to make a donation of five million CFA francs to help the Senegalese families who suffered.
Finally, it is very important to remember that Didier Drogba reverses all his commercial revenues from advertising contracts with Pepsi and Samsung and the 1000 books he receives for each goal marked at his foundation.

Afroculture.net and many people in the world thanked Didier Drogba fervently, but also to the team of his foundation who work relentlessly to bring some light into this world full of obscurities.


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